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A meteorite in Britain may reveal the secrets of the beginning of the Earth

A meteorite in Britain may reveal the secrets of the beginning of the Earth

A meteorite in Britain may reveal the secrets of the beginning of the Earth

Sunday – 1st Al-Hijjah 1442 A.H. – 11 July 2021 AD Release number. [

Part of the Winskham meteorite (Museum of Natural History)

Cairo: Hashim Badr

British scientists hope to soon unravel the secrets of the beginning of life on Earth by a meteorite that crashed into the United Kingdom last year, where early research points to the beginning of the solar system 4.5 billion years ago.
The meteorite bears the name “Wincom” in its hometown of Gloucester County, where it fell, and is called “carbonaceous chondrite”, which is rich in water and organic matter, and has preserved its chemistry from the very beginning of the solar system, revealing the origin of the oceans and the beginnings of life on Earth. Sets as a candidate. According to a report released yesterday by the University of Glasgow in the UK.
Researchers at the University of Glasgow are part of a larger team of UK planetary scientists, developed under the auspices of the Museum of Natural History, which has received funding from the UK Council for Scientific and Technical Facilities to invest in modern processing equipment for meteorite conservation. And supports time-sensitive mineral and organic analyzes in laboratories. Specializes in many leading companies.
“(Winscomb) is the first meteorite to be recovered in the UK in 30 years, and is the first carbonaceous chondrite to be recovered in our country, and offers a unique opportunity to discover the origin of water,” said Ashley King, a researcher in the Department of Earth Sciences at the Museum of Natural History, in a statement released by the University of Glasgow. Life within. ”
The meteorite was monitored using images and video footage from the British-Firefly Alliance, funded by the Council for Scientific and Technical Facilities, and the fragments were quickly discovered and recovered. Since the discovery, UK scientists have carried out preliminary studies to understand how the solar system formed, the meteorite.
According to Queen Chan, a researcher at the Royal Holloway University in London, preliminary analyzes by research groups confirm that “Wincom” contains a wide range of organic matter.
“A few weeks after the fall, before any major land pollution, we look forward to studying the meteorite, returning in time to the elements that were at the birth of the solar system, and finding out how they came to be,” he added. Together to create Earth-like planets. “

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