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بعثة للدراسة في روسيا.. طموح مصري لغزو الفضاء

A mission to study in Russia.. An Egyptian ambition to conquer space

An ambitious Egyptian plan to study space sciences as a start to the conquest of outer space, where Dr. Khaled Abdel Ghaffar, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, met with a number of outstanding students of engineering faculties at Egyptian public universities, who are enrolled in the third year of the academic year (2021/2020), before they travel to Russia, to train in space programs Samara University, Russia.

The Egyptian Space Agency also signed a cooperation agreement with the Bibliotheca Alexandrina to establish the “Museum of Astronomy and Space Technology” at the agency’s headquarters in New Cairo, where Egypt will rely, during its manufacture of satellites, on some imported components, but by designing and defining tasks and building testing and software implementation systems, in an Egyptian way. %.

Dr. Mohamed El-Qosy, CEO of the Egyptian Space Agency, said that Egypt has developed a space program to implement it within 10 years, from 2020 to 2030, in parallel with the 2030 sustainable development plan.

Al-Qusi added that Egypt’s space activities were not implemented under any program approved by the state before 2019, and that the Egyptian space program that was established in 2020 includes a set of axes, including building space systems, strengthening international relations in the field of space and space exploration, and establishing a strong legal structure.

He pointed out that Egypt does not have any space laws so far and that a draft space law has been completed to be presented to the House of Representatives, pointing out that the Egyptian Space City covers an area of ​​125 acres and includes all space activities in one place, similar to developed countries.

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And the experts of the Egyptian Space Agency had reviewed the work plan of the ambitious Egyptian space program, where Dr. Mohamed Al-Qossy revealed preparations for launching a satellite to measure climate variables “African Development” with the participation of 7 African countries with Egypt, including Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya and Sudan, and a subsequent meeting will be held to arrange matters related to the moon, and a number of other African countries expressed their desire to join, which would contribute to monitoring climate changes in the brown continent.

In a different context, Jean-Yves Le Gall, President of the French Space Agency, had said that France would be a key partner with Egypt for cooperation in the field of space technology.

Lugal added that Egypt has a space agency that allows partnerships between it and other countries, and for this reason I met with the Minister of Higher Education to know Egypt’s vision in this vital field, and we signed a joint protocol, and we will organize a conference in South Africa related to this field and to exchange experiences.

On the establishment of the Egyptian Space City in cooperation with the African Space Agency and in coordination with France, he affirmed that this major project will have great potentials for Egypt to expand communications in the Mediterranean, Arab and African countries, and will reap positive fruits in the space field.

The dream of establishing an integrated city for the Egyptian space also turned into a reality embodied on the ground in the new administrative capital, which was closely monitored by the Education and Scientific Research Committee of the House of Representatives, during their parliamentary visit to the headquarters of the Egyptian Space Agency to see the latest developments in the Egyptian space program.

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The parliamentary visit began with a visit to the center for assembly and testing of remote sensing satellites that are being constructed, all the way to the administrative building and various laboratories.

The Minister of Higher Education had congratulated the outstanding students who were selected for training in Russia, and who meet the terms of the announcement, noting that the idea of ​​training came in accordance with the initiative of the President of the Republic to train and qualify young researchers and future scientists during their university studies, stressing the political leadership’s interest in outstanding and talented students who They are a national wealth for Egypt that must be supported in various ways.

Abdel Ghaffar pointed out that the training aims to develop and enhance the capabilities and skills of these students in the field of space science and technology, to be distinguished cadres in this field, and to embrace them in the Egyptian Space Agency, stressing the ministry’s keenness to provide all aspects of support to students during the training trip in Russia, and to follow up on them on a daily basis, wishing them A good stay, and gaining experience from this important training that qualifies them for success and excellence in their working lives.

For his part, Dr. Muhammad Al-Qossi indicated that the idea of ​​training began a year ago, which is the beginning of a new phase taken by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research to train distinguished young researchers from Egyptian universities.

Dr. Ashraf Al-Azzazi pointed out that training was announced at the level of the Republic for all Egyptian universities, explaining that the students were selected in two stages, as 400 students applied for the first stage, and 55 of them were selected who fulfilled the conditions of the announcement, and in the second stage, 37 students were selected. Dividing them into a number of groups for training abroad, praising the effective cooperation with the Egyptian Space Agency in training Egyptian university students.

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For their part, the students thanked Dr. Khaled Abdel Ghaffar and the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research for providing the opportunity to train abroad, stressing that they will be an honorable front for Egypt abroad.