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A mother drives her son to court. He sold her car without her knowledge

The Dubai Misdemeanor Court initiated the trial of an unemployed 29-year-old, accused of selling his mother’s BMW car without her knowledge, which prompted her to report and sue him, while the son justified his crime by saying that he does not work and has no source of income, and his mother refuses to help him. He decided to sell the car.

The Public Prosecution charged the accused with committing a misdemeanor of breach of trust, while the mother refused to waive the case, and the court, for its part, expressed its confidence in the evidence, not paying attention to the defense of the accusation by the defendant’s defense, and ruled that he be convicted and fined 60,000 dirhams, the value of the car.

According to the details of the case, as settled in the certainty of the court, and stated in the Public Prosecution’s investigations and police inferences, that the accused seized his mother’s vehicle, sold it for 60,000 dirhams, and received the amount without handing it over to his victim’s mother, as she is the owner of the car and the amount delivered to him was by way of agency.

The legal representative of the victim stated in the investigations of the Public Prosecution that the accused son had a legal power of attorney from his mother, but she canceled the power of attorney in August 2021, then she was surprised later that he had sold the vehicle registered in her name without her knowledge one day after the power of attorney was canceled, and received the amount without being informed. He hands it over to his mother.

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For his part, the accused mentioned in the investigations of the Public Prosecution that he was in possession of a special power of attorney from his mother, and after about three months she came to him and asked him about the vehicle he was in possession of, so he told her that he had sold it in an auction, because he did not have money, and he did not have a job, and she also refused to help him financially. Although he asked her for help several times, he eventually resorted to selling the car.

The accused added that his mother canceled the agency and family problems arose between them, and he was surprised that she reported the incident, although he informed her of his intention to sell before carrying out the process, indicating that he sold the car before problems occurred between them.

In the merits of the ruling, the court stated that the incident constitutes a crime of breach of trust, which is punishable by Article 453 of the Federal Crimes and Penal Code, stressing its reassurance about the evidence and the confession of the accused before the court.

Regarding the defense of the malicious accusation in light of the existence of family disputes between the two parties, the court said that this is an objective defense that does not require an explicit response from the court as long as it ruled a conviction based on the evidence provided by the court, and then what the accused raises in this regard has become irrelevant.

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• The mother refused to waive the lawsuit.

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