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فريق سينمائيّ في الفضاء!

A movie team in space! –

The New York Times said that Russia was the first when it sent the first satellite, the first dog, the first man and the first woman into space.

And it has now made a new leap ahead of the United States by sending a film team for the first time in history to the International Space Station.

This morning, the Russian space crew, which includes a Russian actress, a Russian film director and a professional cosmonaut, was launched into Earth orbit. Their mission is to shoot some scenes for the first movie in space.

The newspaper said, “We have been watching scenes from space for a long time that were filmed inside cinema workshops using the latest technologies. However, in the past, a movie has never been filmed directly in space.

The space crew blasted off at 11:55 am on October 5 Moscow time and docked about 3 hours later with the International Space Station. According to the newspaper, NASA began broadcasting the live broadcast of the docking process at 07:30 EST.

The newspaper said that actress Yulia Peresild and director Klim Shipenko fly into space under the leadership of professional cosmonaut Anton Shkaplerov, who has been in space since 2011 and has achieved 3 spaceflights.

The newspaper recalled that the Russian “Roskosmos” Foundation, “The First Russian TV Channel and the Yellow, Black and White Company funded the filming of the film, whose content plays a secondary role, while the realization of the project has a great symbolic meaning, as it is the first film in history that was filmed in space. .

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The movie “Challenge” tells the story of a Russian surgeon who was forced to make a space trip to the space station to rescue an astronaut who fell ill in space.

Roscosmos and Channel One hope that the film will show that space is not only open to astronauts. The mission of the project is to ensure that space becomes available to a wide circle of those wishing to achieve space flights.

Source: RT