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A moving demonstration.  Neuralink taught Musek the monkey to play Pong only with the help of ideas - Živě.cz

A moving demonstration. Neuralink taught Musek the monkey to play Pong only with the help of ideas – Živě.cz

In August 2020, Elon Musk showed how Neuralink could read pig brain activity. We are now one level advanced. Makak Pager can use Neuralink to control computer and play Pong game.

How did a monkey learn to play a game? The procedure is as follows.

  1. You are building a platform with a screen, the monkey controls the game with its right hand and joystick. For each success, the dealer rewards the monkey with banana juice.
  2. You can capture brain activity with the neural link, and a few minutes are said to be sufficient for calibration. Artificial intelligence analyzes the data and determines the instructions with which the brain moves the hand and joystick.
  3. Disconnect the joystick from the system. The monkey continues to control the joystick lever with its hand, but in reality, the computer is now without instructions from Neuralink.
  4. It follows the next step, which we don’t see in the video and is probably more complicated (by the way, the game has also changed), but the joystick disappears from the scene. The macaque continues to play with the help of ideas only and enjoys a drink.

It can be seen that development has a path towards human and computer interaction. It is said that controlling an iPhone or the virtual keyboard is not far away. Musk itself On Twitter Leave visions. He says paralyzed people are using Neuralink to learn to control their smartphones faster than healthy people using their fingers. It also promises to block the broken connection between the brain and the extremities, so that paraplegics, for example, learn to walk again.

How big does a mask’s big mouth imagine, how much is the true potential of technology?

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Source: Neuralink