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A musical night for George Wassouf and Yara in Dubai

A musical night for George Wassouf and Yara in Dubai

Dubai: Mohamed Hamdi Shaker
On a distinguished night, which delighted the audience of the Festival Arena in Dubai, yesterday evening, Thursday, the “Sultan of Tarab” George Wassouf, the Lebanese star Yara, and the young artist Ibrahim Fares, gave a concert, and an exceptional night concluded with the celebration of the artists Walid Tawfik and Abed Fahd and the audience on Wassouf’s 60th birthday .

Shada Wassouf with a set of his most successful songs, and he started with the song “Saber and Radi,” which the concert audience interacted with greatly, then thanked all those in charge of the evening, including the organizing company, and promised the audience that it would be a happy evening that they would not forget.

Wassouf presented a number of his old and modern songs, such as “Al-Hawa Sultan”, “If every lover”, “If you intend to forget what has passed”, “I lost all the people”, and other old songs that the audience interacted with and sang with him with her words engraved in memory.

Wassouf was surprised during his merger of singing with the entry of artists Walid Tawfik and Abed Fahd, with whom they have had a strong friendship for a long time, as they celebrated with the audience his sixtieth birthday.

Tawfik presented a cake and grabbed the microphone and started singing his famous song “Happy Birthday”, to the applause of the band and the audience.

After the ceremony ended, Wassouf published the video clip during the celebration of his birthday and commented on it, saying: “Thank you Abed, Walid and all those present for the beautiful surprise .. I was singing to them, they started singing for me.”

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The Lebanese star Yara presented a group of her most famous songs, starting with her famous Gulf song “Sadfa”, which the audience interacted with greatly, and they danced and chanted the words of the song, and then presented a group of her most famous old songs amid a great interaction between her and the audience of the concert and her audience on “Instagram”, where she was Between song and song, she posts selfie videos while singing.

Among the songs that Yara presented at the ceremony, “What matters to you”, “Magroum”, in addition to a number of songs from her latest album “Millet”, including “Ghazlni Ziada”, which she released less than a month ago through her official newspaper on “YouTube”. A number of Gulf songs from the album “Ghair al-Nas”, and the ceremony ended with the songs “Ma Barf”, the song “Khodni Ma’ak”, which she sang with Fadel Shaker in a duet in 2012, and the song “What matters to you”, which contributed to her fame in Egypt and the Arab world.

The young Syrian artist Ibrahim Fares presented a group of his songs, including his latest Iraqi song “Reddat Menm”, which he filmed as a “video clip”, in addition to a number of old songs of the giants of Shami and Egyptian songs.