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A negative test will be required for a hairdresser or massageer.  Demo can be facilitated through applications - T24 - Czech TV

A negative test will be required for a hairdresser or massageer. Demo can be facilitated through applications – T24 – Czech TV

On Friday, Roller Team Stars Praha Sports Club rode together for the first time on skis again. After two and at intervals – everyone tries to follow the measures. That’s why the coaches had a meeting shortly before the training. They will start in full force from Monday.

“Of course, our department has bought the tests, but we don’t consider them necessary, because the children who come to us also have a school and are being tested. The coaches are being tested on the job,” says coach Dana Stubankova. However, it is not yet known if the exams administered in the school are sufficient for children for sport. Health Minister Peter Arrenberger said (to YES) that he will continue to discuss this with the sports federations. He is said to announce the details on Monday.

Selected services related to body care, such as hairdressing, pedicure or massage, will be able to resume operations from May 3, according to the government decision Thursday. Details of the rules for the opening should also be determined by the government on Monday. Single mode should work.

One-time home tests are sufficient

The Ministry of Health has already stated that in order to take advantage of the services, people will have to prove themselves either by a PCR test that is no more than a week old, or by a professionally performed antigen test. It is valid for a maximum of three days. People can prove themselves over and over again with such tests.

It will be possible to do the so-called home test once, for example at a hairdresser. But it will only apply for the time being. The test performed on the job is sufficient in the condition that it was conducted professionally. Conversely, people younger than three months after COVID-19 or who have been vaccinated do not need to be tested. But he must have confirmation with him.

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For example, esthetician and masseuse Alena Matiášková from Pelhřimov has already prepared standby rapid tests. “A lot of people won’t get the vaccines yet, they won’t get the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) tests or they won’t have the antigen tests, so I set it up,” he says.

Ivana Mikova dog salon in Getiovic has also been closed for a quarter of the year. It should also open on May 3. After the clients, ball tests will not be required, and the dog can be delivered between the doors and there is a waiting room. But she’ll be testing herself, as she’s still doing a pedicure.

According to the health minister, current capabilities of test sites – particularly for antigen tests – are adequate and still have adequate reserves. Additionally, new collection points continue to grow. In the future, people should be able to upload test results or vaccination certificates to a special application. This will then be clarified, for example, when using the services.

In addition, the Chamber of Commerce has already prepared a platform, especially for the operators, which will be verified through customer confirmations. They want to present it to the public on Monday. The order the country is working on must be ready within three weeks.

The auditions should save the tourist season

Other European countries, such as Greece, are also betting on the tests. He wants to save the tourist season in the local islands. The government intends to vaccinate all local residents within a month. Foreign visitors are required to submit a negative test upon arrival in order to be able to take full advantage of all services.

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Tourism revenues fell by 80 percent in Greece last year – by 300 billion crowns compared to 2019. Vaccination of locals and testing of tourists is set to change this year.

“The islands lack hospitals and medical facilities.” “If the virus gets here, it will cause a lot of problems,” said Mayor Angelos Fragcakis.

Cases of falsification of results are rare

Over the past 14 months, COVID-19 tests have gradually become a popular part of life across Europe. PCR tests are required by most developed countries. However, Rosenyi airport already suspects at least one passenger forged it. A foreign police patrol was scheduled to investigate the situation.

Police do not officially comment on the results of the investigation, but they are likely deferring most of the similar cases from those that editors were able to identify. However, there was no falsification of the official document or medical report. Meanwhile, reports from companies or people indicate that they have occasionally modified test leaks, but these are rather isolated cases. More than criminal penalties, there is a risk of problems occurring on the spot – with the employer or with the carrier.

“If the passenger does not fulfill the conditions for transportation to the destination, in addition to the fact that it may have consequences that the police may deal with, then of course he will not travel to the destination,” says Kachina Pavlikova, a spokeswoman for Prague Airport.

The problem is that the term “Covid tests” now has a lot of meaning – from polymerase chain reaction (PCR) tests with international certification to tests in companies with virtually no records. Even according to airport employees, the introduction of so-called Covid passports will make this situation much clearer.

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