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Zanedbaná babička v 80 letech prošla proměnou. Najednou vypadá jako fešná padesátka

A neglected grandmother underwent a transformation at the age of 80. Suddenly it looks like something cool in the fifties

Some women take care of themselves all their lives, but for many women a different fate is prepared. They take care of others, they have to provide for themselves and take care of children and family. They have a hard time. And while they will have time for themselves, they lack the energy and desire to do anything themselves. They will tell themselves that it is no longer worth it.

As for who, when no one is on their side, and if there is, they don’t care much about appearance. It is worth it, because external transformation often goes hand in hand with internal transformation. Once a woman starts to feel beautiful, she radiates from her to those around her – and it’s worth it, even if it’s only for a short while.

Carol’s story

Carol is one of many women who have lived a difficult life. Her childhood was painful and she fought with the demons of the past for a long time. She has been successful professionally, raising a son on her own, which means she has been able to get over her past. At the same time, she fulfilled her dream at an advanced age, and she felt great.

It has gone through a huge transformation

A tired, depressed-looking woman is transformed into a 50-year-old thanks to artist Christopher Hopkins. Now she radiates self-confidence, joy of life and looks very attractive. Despite the fact that all her life she thought of others, and not of herself, she finally fulfilled her dream. She believes that every woman can feel attractive.

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Photo: shutterstock

never too late

As this extraordinary woman’s story proves, it’s never too late to admire yourself. Christopher Hopkins, nicknamed Tha Makeover Guy, is known for his talent – transforming insecure and downtrodden women into elegant, enthusiastic ladies who have the joy of life again. Those who still want to love themselves, highlight the beautiful things in them and live. Carol tells other women who want to feel good, long past retirement age, that it’s never too late to start living.

Photo: shutterstock