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A new anchor appears on the Sky News channel and grabs the attention of the Gulf and Arabs with her charming beauty.. See a picture!

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Viewers of the Sky News channel were surprised by the appearance of a new announcer on the channel’s screen.

And the new media figure that appeared on the Sky News channel is the Sudanese broadcaster “Tasabih Mubarak”, who officially moved from Al-Arabiya Al-Hadath TV to the Sky News channel.

Mubarak’s praises bid farewell to Al-Hadath channel

At the beginning of this month, “Tasbeeh Mubarak” announced, at the end of its news bulletin, that it had left Al-Arabiya channel Al-Hadath, and said in a sad voice, “This was my last news hour after four years on this screen, which was an event in my life and changed what I changed in the company of colleagues. I was happy and honored to work with them. I am grateful To everyone, thank you to everyone, and best wishes to everyone, and thank you for the event.

Soon, the name of the Sudanese media, praises of Mubarak, appeared in Google searches, amid questions about the reason for the exclusion of the praises of Mubarak from Al-Hadath channel.

It seems that Mubarak’s praises left Al-Hadath channel due to differences between them and the management, and neither the accounts of the event nor the channel’s leaders wrote any farewell to her and appreciation for her efforts, except for a few of them.

The event announcer, Lara Nabhan, a professional colleague and dear friend, tweeted. One of the best and finest people I have worked with. I wish you success in every step. I know that success is your ally wherever you go.

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And praises Mubarak wrote on Sky News_sky news, a new professional journey that I will start through a media organization that has taken its space in the media space,, It is a step in which I ask God for success and payment,, Thank you all for your love and support, and soon I will meet you on the Sky News screen, so be on time.

The Sudanese media, “Tasbih Mubarak Khater”, joined Al-Arabiya channel in August of 2018, coming from the Blue Nile TV channel, in its first foreign station.

Who are the praises of Mubarak?

Tasabih Mubarak, a Sudanese broadcaster, and her father, the great media, Mubarak Khater, is 33 years old. She is married to the former Minister of State at the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology Ibrahim Al-Mirghani, and they have children.

She studied “Tasbeeh” at the university in Libya, and obtained a degree in journalism and media. After that, she returned to Sudan and worked for the Blue Nile channel, during which she gained wide fame. With her beauty, style and charisma, she occupied an advanced position and became one of the most famous broadcasters in the world of news media in the Arab world.