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تعليق جديد من الخارجية الأمريكية بشأن سد النهضة

A new comment from the US State Department regarding the Renaissance Dam

11:28 PM

Tuesday 15 June 2021


The US State Department confirmed, on Tuesday evening, that it understands the importance of the Nile River to the countries of the Renaissance Dam crisis (Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia).

The US State Department indicated, in a statement this evening, that it continues to support the efforts made by Ethiopia, Egypt and Sudan to reach an agreement on the Renaissance Dam, and will continue to encourage them to resume the fruitful dialogue.

Today, Tuesday, Arab foreign ministers called on the UN Security Council to hold an urgent session on the developments of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam.

In a statement after the meeting, the Arab ministers urged the Security Council to “take the necessary measures to launch an effective negotiating process that ensures a fair, balanced and legally binding agreement that takes into account the interests of the three countries” (Egypt and Sudan), downstream countries and Ethiopia.

The statement called on Ethiopia to “refrain from taking any unilateral measures that harm the water interests of Egypt and Sudan, including refraining from filling the Renaissance Dam reservoir without reaching an agreement on the rules for filling and operating the dam.”

In turn, the Ethiopian Ministry of Foreign Affairs commented, Tuesday evening, in a statement on the Arab League’s call for the Security Council to hold an emergency session on the Renaissance Dam, expressing its annoyance at the Arab League’s decision.

In its statement, the Foreign Ministry said that it rejects the statement issued by the Arab League, which it believes has squandered opportunities to play a constructive role in the negotiations that lasted for years.

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