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A new decision from the Egyptian judiciary regarding the case of Amr Adib and Mohamed Ramadan

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Today, Wednesday, the Sheikh Zayed Appellate Misdemeanors Court in Egypt acquitted the media, Amr Adib, of the charges of insulting and defaming the artist, Mohamed Ramadan.

The Sheikh Zayed Misdemeanor Court had fined Adeeb 10 thousand pounds, and rejected the corresponding civil lawsuit, accusing him of insulting and defaming the artist, Mohamed Ramadan.

The media’s defense, Amr Adib, appealed the ruling, providing justifications for the absence of the accusation of insulting and slandering him, and the court ruled his innocence.

In its ruling, the court considered that Adeeb did not violate the media honor charter, and that his talk about Ramadan was a permissible criticism, and that he did not use any insulting and slanderous expressions against him, so it ruled his innocence, according to Egyptian media.

And Amr Adib filed 4 complaints against Muhammad Ramadan, last April, accusing him of insulting, slandering, defamation, degrading and using his voice on content without his permission, in addition to misusing social media, and it is still under investigations in the October 6 Prosecution Office.

Adeeb’s defense added that his client has full confidence in the integrity and justice of the Public Prosecution and the Egyptian judiciary, to obtain his full right in the legally penalized crimes that Ramadan committed against him.


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