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A new embassy is helping checkers in the UK.  They have to apply for a housing by the end of June - 24T24 - Czech TV

A new embassy is helping checkers in the UK. They have to apply for a housing by the end of June – 24T24 – Czech TV

“On the one hand, the majority community in the Czech Republic shows that Roma can represent not only the Roma community, but the entire Czech nation, of course.

He himself left for the island country twenty years ago. Although the bomber had previously received an edict from the British Empire from Queen Elizabeth II for his work, he is now assisting the Czech embassy in London and the consulate in Manchester to expand its services. With his new position in Britain, he is needed by the Czech people. For example, it checks copies of signatures or documents. Thanks to Dorak, the Czech people can also pick up a new passport in Peterborough.

The main task of the new Czech ambassador is to get as many Czechs as possible to obtain legal residence permits in the UK after Brexit by the end of June. Then their time is up.

There are more EU citizens living in Britain than expected

To date, more than five million EU citizens have applied for residency in the United Kingdom. But fifty-five thousand of them failed with the demand. Although the original estimates spoke of three million people in the Union, it was revealed that many of them live in the island country after Brexit, which also applies to the Checkers.

“That number is higher than we expected. Previously, the numbers were listed as fifty thousand, but now I have read 70 to 80 thousand recorded from the latest figures,” Dork said. The corona virus infection has worsened the chances of contacting the most vulnerable groups of EU citizens, whether they are elderly or children in foster care. However, the consular consulate is located in a charity that provides education, library and health services.

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