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انفجار جديد لبركان لابالما واستمرار تدفق الحمم.. وقلق من تشوه الأرض حوله.. فيديو

A new eruption of the La Palma volcano and the continuation of lava flows..and concern about the distortion of the earth around it..Video

The Spanish newspaper, “ABC”, said that the Cumbre Vieja volcano on the Spanish island of La Palma continues to erupt, with a large explosion again in the cone, which caused a rapid flow of lava, which reached the doors of new homes.

The newspaper pointed out that this new eruption has made scientists alert to the deformation that they continue to observe on the surface of the Earth near the volcano, where new emissions centers are not excluded, which are always close to the main cone, and lava continues to flow through the affected areas.

The newspaper pointed out that the lava took a destructive path over an unaffected area in the neighborhood of Las Manchas, and drones recorded a flow of lava at the doors of a house covered in ash, and the house in the picture was destroyed by the lava river, which led to the erosion of this house inside the exclusion zone. .

And volcanologist, Ruben Lopez, pointed out that on the island of La Palma, there have been 27 earthquakes, since midnight until now, which reflects the decrease in earthquakes in recent periods.

According to press reports, the Spanish authorities are studying a solution described as “the most dangerous”, in order to extinguish the La Palma volcano, which began to erupt nearly two months ago, and is still ongoing.

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The solution is to detonate the volcano to quell its eruption, but this does not have safe consequences for everyone, while geological evidence indicates that the volcano may cause 150 to 500 cubic kilometers of rock to fall into the sea, if it occurs in the future.