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ميزة جديدة لمساعد أمازون الذكى لمنع الأطفال عن لعب الفيديو جيم

A new feature for Amazon’s smart assistant to prevent children from playing video games

she added Amazon New features to Alexa that will allow the smart assistant to listen to the voice of children who operate the Xbox console, and automatically give them a list of chores, to prevent them from spending their time playing video games.

Speaking at Web Summit 2021, which is being held in Lisbon this week, Tom Taylor, Senior Vice President of Alexa, said the company wants people to Talk to Alexa To a lesser extent, one of the new features that takes it in this direction includes sounds made from audio files that people record around their homes, which then triggers the routine to run.

“Let’s say you’re a parent and want to make sure your kids are doing chores, you can train Alexa to listen to the sound of the Xbox playing and have it automatically show your kids a to-do list on the Echo Show instead of them spending their time playing games,” Taylor explained.

“Historically, you had to be a computer scientist to customize AI for a specific task, but with AI self-service, anyone can enable it according to their needs,” he added.

Also, in the near future instead of having to reach out to our phones or make a request to a voice assistant, AI alone will control turning off the lights before bed, showing your coffee in the morning, or adjusting the thermostat when you’re away, all without being asked. Every time”.

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