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A new feature from Google allows you to book train tickets in some countries

A new feature from Google allows you to book train tickets in some countries

announced Google Inc A new feature that allows you to buy train tickets by searching in specific countries, including Japan, Germany, Italy and Spain.

According to The Verge, which specializes in technology news and new features for companies, the American giant said that this feature may make it easier for users to choose more emissions-conscious travel options when booking travel.

According to Google, simply searching in two destinations, such as “Berlin to Vienna trains”, will give you access to different listings in the search engine, and from there, you can click on a direct link that takes you to the partner website to purchase your ticket.

Google is also rolling out a new search tool that allows you to narrow down your carbon footprint options for flights and hotels. When searching for flights, users have the option to select “low emissions only” and view the flights in an emissions order.

When searching for hotels, users can select an “environmentally certified” filter, and hotels that fall into this category are verified by outside organizations, such as the US Green Building Council and the World Council for Sustainable Tourism, in order to “improve” the accuracy of the results displayed to searchers.

Google noted that when looking at the environmental impacts of these hotels, agencies look at things like energy efficiency, water conservation, waste reduction, and sustainability at sources, noting that they don’t check the certification status of each hotel.

While users have been able to search for flights and hotels since 2011, Google first introduced carbon tracking in 2021 when it launched features aimed at helping users track and reduce their carbon footprint when searching on the platform, including providing cost-effective driving routes. For fuels in the maps, as well as providing information about carbon emissions associated with trips, the company recently expanded eco-friendly navigation to Europe as well.

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The company has been accused of covering up the potential impact of trip emissions when it makes adjustments to the way it calculates these numbers, and Google says the new features will expand to more locations in the “near future” and eventually include bus routes.

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