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A new feature in the iPhone cameras keeps you away from Google Translate

A new feature in the iPhone cameras keeps you away from Google Translate

The American company Apple revealed a new feature that is now available to iPhone users, as they can now use the camera in the phone to get an instant translation, due to the translation feature that the company added in the recently announced iOS 16 operating system.

And revealed in a recent report that Apple has added a useful new feature with the new version with the iPhone operating system iOS 16, making current and new iPhone users the ability to use camera features to translate signals, boxes and envelopes of any Objects instantly, just as the Google Translate app provides its users with the same feature.

The report confirms that the feature will come fully with the launch of the iOS 16 operating system next September, and then all users can enjoy it easily, and all they have to do is open the camera application that contains the iPhone phones, then point the lens towards the text to be translated, then get Immediate translation.

After the user presses the text selection button in the camera application in order to choose the text that was traced, then you can press the translation option, and then your iPhone camera will give you an instant translation of the entire selected text.

According to another report published by Mac Rumors, the user can stop shooting, and then install the image at a certain shot, in order to get the instant translation over the text of the images, and the user can also zoom in on the size of the image in order to look at it closer, and this feature is very useful Some may find it ideal for signs, as well as some other formulations that are not understandable to some when traveling to countries where a foreign language is spoken of.

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