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ميزة جديدة لتعزيز أداء ألعاب الكمبيوتر بنقرة واحدة.. تعرف عليها

A new feature to enhance the performance of computer games with one click.. Get to know it

AMD Global announced new technologies, including Hypr-RX, a fast solution that can boost your PC’s gaming performance with a single click.

AMD is also bringing its Advantage program to desktop PCs, which means buying a PC that was built pre-built with AMD hardware will be easier than it ever was before.

AMD launched its next generation of graphics cards by introducing the RX 7900 XTX and RX 7900 XT earlier this month, Digitartlends reported.

I also briefly talked about Hypr-RX, a new technology powered by Radeon GPUs, AMD’s new solution for optimizing game performance by choosing the best possible settings and enabling the right types of Radeon software – all with just one click.

Games supported by Hypr-RX will automatically run optimized settings based on your hardware, and Hypr-RX will automatically enable the Radeon plugin based on whether the game takes advantage of it.

These include Radeon Boost, which dynamically scales resolution, increasing frame rates when it’s useful and dropping them when it doesn’t affect the gaming experience. There’s also Radeon Super Resolution, which works just like FSR 1.0 and can be applied to any and all games, and Anti-Lag. , which reduces latency in a similar way to the new Nvidia Reflex technology.

Not all of these features are new; You can actually modify them on Radeon cards based on your needs.

However, when the Hypr-RX is introduced in the first half of 2023, it will do all the optimization for you in one click, and it seems to be fairly efficient.

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AMD provided an example of the Hypr-RX’s capability, showing that the software was able to lower latency in Dying Light 2 from 30ms to 11ms while improving frames per second (fps) from 90fps to 166fps. These kinds of wins won’t be in every game, but it looks like they could be a great addition to Radeon’s software arsenal.

Since AMD makes not only solid graphics cards, but also some of the best processors, the company seems keen to invite potential customers to take part in AMD.

This can be seen in the AMD Advantage software, which just received an update that, according to Tom’s Hardware, will now apply to desktops, as well as laptops.

AMD Advantage is a program used to incentivize manufacturers of pre-built personal computers to build more AMD platforms.

There have been some AMD Advantage certified laptops, but we may soon start seeing pre-built PCs.

Currently, AMD is working with a limited number of companies, including CyberPowerPC, eBuyer, Falcon Northwest, Maingear, and Xidax.

For a PC to qualify for AMD Advantage, it must have a Ryzen 9 7000-series processor, a Radeon RX 7900 XTX or 7900 XT graphics card, and an AM5 X670E motherboard.

It should also offer liquid cooling, an NVMe SSD of 2TB or larger, and at least 32GB of DDR5 RAM.

AMD engineers work closely with the makers of the systems built before it to optimize everything to deliver excellent, synergistic performance.

This spec means that only gaming desktops will get the “AMD Advantage” seal of approval for now, but AMD may expand to more mid-range offerings once the CPUs and GPUs come out. ) this is.

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