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A new novelty on the playing field. Horse service from Google received a search

Although Google Stadia didn’t hit the Czech market until last December, in certain countries people can use it as of November 2019. U v naem Loskm test In addition to graphical errors and poor selection of games, our team at Stadia was not surprised by the absence of text search, either in the store or in the user’s library. It is, of course, one of the primary functions of any modern program.

Surprisingly, we didn’t look for it in Google’s promise. A song from the company, so popular for its internet search, you can’t find it today for anyone, but you can google it. The text search box now appears on the playing field: 17 months after the start of the first global markets.

Maybe a little sad reason, because Google didn’t like this feature yet, it had quite a few games to choose from. Stadiums on the Czech market started with just over a hundred titles, and you’ll find almost twice that number on this service. With a slowly growing game library, it is better for people to have an efficient tool for finding something, not just sorting the list of games alphabetically or filtering categories. That was enough for a hundred original titles.

Google, along with search engines, has also added other items that are commonly used, such as tracking the activities of users and their friends. In such an innovation, Stadia patin schytv did so on the Internet, and the service barely faltered from its previous status when Google ended its funding of internal development studies. This means that the stadium is unlikely to have a future Exclusive titles.

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Under the official announcement of this news on the field, notes immediately surfaced that the search field may contain two stores for Nintendo on the Switch, a company famous for its sunny lag in online services:

This is repeated in the case compared to the virtual store Sony, which for some time learned to add games by category. Although people criticized such a thing for the first time, in contrast to the novelty on the court, the graceful phenomenon of the PlayStation Store seems generally indistinguishable:

The fact that search only works in the web interface is a bit of a concern about the situation. If you play on Stadia in the mobile app, you don’t have this option: