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A new stage for the unification of military institutions

Today, Monday, the Libyan Presidential Council affirmed its commitment to the road map and handing over power to an elected party.

Majlis spokeswoman Najwa Wahiba said: “We have started a new phase to unify the military establishment and consultations To appoint a consensual figure for the post of Minister of Defense“The council stresses the need to appoint a defense minister as soon as possible,” she added.

Mechanisms of the Libyan National Army (archive)

Wahiba said that the parliament expresses its hope “that the House of Representatives and the Supreme Council of State will reach a constitutional basis for holding the upcoming elections” scheduled for next December.

Earlier today, the Libyan High Council of State had called on the House of Representatives to resume dialogue based on the outcomes of Hurghada, in order to reach consensus on the issue. The constitutional path leading to the elections scheduled for December 24 24.

From the Hurghada meetings (archive)

From the Hurghada meetings (archive)

The Supreme Council of State said in a statement that The invitation came “due to the lack of consensus in the political dialogue forum” which was held in Geneva last month.

In another context, the President of the European Council, Charles Michel, renewed the Prime Minister of the Government of National Unity, Abdel Hamid Dabaiba, the European Union’s commitment to support the democratic transition in Libya.

Michel stressed that “progress in stability and a political settlement is essential.” “The European Union is ready to be a reliable partner for Libya in facing the many challenges ahead,” he added.