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A new storm is hitting the UK, forcing schools to close and warning drivers

A new storm is hitting the UK, forcing schools to close and warning drivers

The UK faces a new winter storm called Gladys starting Friday morning, and motorists are urged to prepare for thunderstorms.

He added that the Center for Meteorology had warned that most parts of Scotland and Northern Ireland would experience snow and lightning until 8pm on Friday night.

Meteorologists have forecast heavy snowfall, strong winds and frequent thunderstorms in some places.

Due to bad weather, several Scottish councils today announced the closure of several schools, with the Highlands Council announcing the closure of 15 schools, following which Perth and Kinross imposed the condition to close nine schools.

With regard to roads, traffic Scotland said most of the central belt is affected by snow conditions and urged people to avoid driving on certain roads.

The Environment Agency has issued 51 flood warnings and 42 flood warnings in the UK, especially around the Severn and Oz rivers, and rain is expected.

He explained that the new storm was coming after the government began efforts to repair the damage caused by the three storms Dudley, Eunice and Franklin that hit the state last week.

Scottish Police wrote on Twitter: “Warnings are in effect most hours of the day. If you are traveling, be prepared to drive according to the conditions.” Rail and ferry services were reportedly disrupted due to the weather.

He also said that some services may be disrupted or canceled in the short term due to the weather.

The Met Office has warned of light snowfall in some places and up to 8 inches of snow this morning.

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