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A new version of "The Full Moon Is On Us" by British singer Salva Loren

A new version of “The Full Moon Is On Us” by British singer Salva Loren

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English singer Salva Loren, who sang in front of the British Queen and Prince Charles, decided to perform a new version of “Tala’ al-Badr Alina” after singing it for the first time during a song contest. the eye
The English star presented the song as a video clip on his official YouTube channel, and it became very popular in the Arab world. In conjunction with Islamic New Year celebrations

Lauren collaborated with Egyptian distributor Ihab Abdel Salam and composer Hamed Badawi to complete the artwork upon returning from a successful song tour that included the United States, United Kingdom, Europe, Pakistan and other countries.
Notably, Salva Loren is an English singer who converted to Islam and plays classical singing and piano, and holds a BA with Honors in Jazz.

He was the former head of vocals and percussion for Britain’s National Youth Jazz Orchestra, which allowed him to immerse himself in music and touring throughout the UK and Europe.
As a singer-songwriter she has produced soundtracks for Bollywood and Asian films and television commercials, and has toured the world, singing alongside stars such as Ed Sheeran, the British Government and Prince Charles.
He will be a member of the jury on ICTV Star, a talent competition show launched this month on the ICTV Network platform.
After converting to Islam, he began writing songs in the light of the Qur’an and spoke around the world to clarify misconceptions about Islam.