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A new video of Khalilhodzic cursing the Moroccan fans with obscene terms ignites the blue space

The fire of anger was hardly extinguished in the hearts of Moroccans after the Atlas Lions qualified for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, until he rushed Bosnian national voterVahid Halilhodzic, fanning its flames, to find himself in the midst of a wave of public anger.

Halilhodzic, in a precedent, is the first of its kind in the history of the Moroccan national team, and unlike all the coaches who succeeded in training the Atlas Lions, he dared to insult and insult the Moroccan fans with obscene terms.

A short video clip widely circulated on social networking sites documented Khalilhodzic waving his hand towards the fans, chanting obscene phrases such as (Sal, Kunar, Mirdo), in response to the whistles of boos and chants rejecting the exclusion of prominent players from the ranks of the Moroccan team, similar to Hakim Ziyech, Nassir Mazraoui, Abdel Razzaq Hamdallah…, after the end of the match between the Moroccan teams and his Congolese counterpart, drawing the second leg of the qualifying round for the World Cup in Qatar.

Halilhodzic’s reckless behavior was met with angry responses on social media platforms, as many considered that Halilhodzic did not respect Moroccans, players and fans.

They also considered Halilhodzic’s insults to Moroccans who pay his fat salary from their pockets, crossing all red lines, calling for Lekja University to intervene to stop the bleeding of the farces of this arrogant coach, as they described it.

This is at a time when some have pleaded with Khalilozic for an excuse, considering that his reaction was normal, and his achievement of qualifying for the World Cup was met with jeers.

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Zurbi Murad – Express