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A new way to ship the widgets of Buggy 2021 in an official way, you will get 50 thousand intensity

A new way to ship the widgets of Buggy 2021 in an official way, you will get 50 thousand intensity

How to charge PUBG in an official way, PUBG 2021 without risking incorrect and unknown methods, some may resort to hacking operations that expose their accounts to permanent suspension. We came here to clarify the truth in operations in an official way, the suffering of young people around the world is increasing to get more scarcity inside PUBG.

free pubg widgets

You are deceived by not being able to find out the official sources to get UC virtual currency without paying the fees set by the founders of the company that designed the game. So we will mention in this article سوف How to charge pubg widgets For free and for a fee, as after the great ways of launching PUBG formations have spread, we remind you before explaining the steps for sending PUBG formations. Do not record any personal data from sites that claim to charge for free. As the most prominent method of fraud is to send an anonymous file asking you to register on the Facebook page. By registering in this process, your number on Facebook is stolen, as unfortunately many sites are not honest, so we show you the proven official methods.

A new way to ship the widgets of Buggy 2021 in an official way, you will get 50 thousand intensity

How to get free poses

Many people do not know that the game provides free daily intensities in a very simple way, as it offers a good number of intensities daily. All you have to do is follow the following steps:

  • First, open the PUBG game on your mobile phone.
  • And then watch the daily ads that the game provides every day.
  • Then after you finish watching the ads, you will get free bonuses.
  • Repeat this process every day and at the end of each week you will get a large number of pulls.
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How to ship widgets pubg

There is also an official method of shipping, which is by shipping from the official website of PUBG, if you do not know the method, follow the steps in order to ship and then enjoy the hardships that you will get:

  • First, open the Google search engine and search for a site called Midasbuy.
  • Then register your account and put the ID.
  • Choose a payment method and enter your phone number to confirm.
  • And wait a bit and you will get more wrenches.

pubg mobile

PUBG Mobile is one of the most powerful games on the scene now and is very widespread among all parts of the world, because it has a sense of adventure and suspense, which makes you want to play it constantly, and also thanks to the developers and the two in-game events, which makes the game never get bored of it because of the constant updates.