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A parliamentarian calls for ideas outside the box to maximize the use of unexploited vacant lands

Representative Karim El-Sadat, a member of the House of Representatives for the Future of a Nation Party, stressed the importance of accurately inventorying the unexploited vacant lands in different regions, and finding ways to optimally exploit them, noting that it comes within the framework of President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi’s directives regarding the necessity of exploiting and benefiting from them.

undeveloped lands

El-Sadat added, in a statement issued by him, that there is a large number of unexploited lands in the capitals of the various governorates, especially in the governorates of Giza and Cairo, which requires that there be ideas outside the box that enable us to benefit from them by establishing projects of public benefit or exploiting them in investment activities, according to The nature of the lands and their locations.

And the deputy of the Nation’s Future Party continued that counting the unexploited lands and exploiting them in national projects contributes to reviving the national economy, explaining that the Egyptian state has an abundance of skilled manpower that contributes to pushing any project forward.

Representative Karim El-Sadat drew attention to the Egyptian state’s approach to maximizing the local product and opening foreign markets, which requires maximizing the use of untapped assets in the maximum possible way, and establishing industrial zones in them, after conducting the necessary studies in this regard.

There is an industrial zone in it because there are no vacant lands, and then these lands are exploited in the work of industrial zones after submitting the necessary studies, especially since the state directs to maximize the local product and open foreign markets, and for this, the benefit from these assets must be maximized in the maximum possible way.

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