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A pedestrian in Prague with a heart in Zlin.  From Thomas Bhatta to Karel Zeman ... and two Dvoraks

A pedestrian in Prague with a heart in Zlin. From Thomas Bhatta to Karel Zeman … and two Dvoraks

Wenceslas Square is not really missing. Upstairs St. Wenceslas on his horse, downstairs Můstek, but also the famous Baťa department store.

A little bit of Zlín’s pride in the heart of a European capital would flirt, Baťa has been and will forever be associated with Zlín. Anyone who has had the opportunity to meet Tomasz Bata Jr. knows that the most important things, both business and political, happened in 1989 in Prague, but his heart was in Zlin. In addition to Wenceslas Square, you’ll come across its stores in many Prague shopping centers, and it shows.

On the way across the Charles Bridge to Kampa, the National Zlin will not go unnoticed with a slight sigh, Karel Zeman Museum. The world-famous filmmaker has simply moved to where there is perhaps greater tourist potential. Also, instead of his eternal rest, we have it in the forest cemetery in Zlin.

These days, Prague offers a gem of life, for example, the tram, which never disappears next to the metro, it is modern, clean, very fast and celebrates the city. It runs around Jindřišská Tower in about two minutes, and the metro is full. And you’re in my home in fifteen or twenty minutes.

From here we offer a pleasant, if not so easy, walk or a more demanding walk through Prague. The first stop at the unnecessarily neglected Břevnov Monastery. It is a gem with beautiful gardens, temple, kumquat and other attractions.

It’s less pretty in the center of Břevnov and Dlabacov, but they have excellent beer and helpful waiters and waiters, as elsewhere. From here, we jump into Strahov in sporty style.

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Three large pitches in the center of Evžen Rošický Stadium. And again Zlin’s trail is clear. Three-time world champion and Olympic medalist, Zlíňan Tomáš Dvořák, set an astonishing world record of fate in 1999, paltry six points off the legendary 9000 mark.

The sporting pride that was once the site of the 1978 European Championships is up to him. It does not look very attractive from the outside, but it has not completely fallen out of the form of “Rošičák” so far, for example, the Czech national football team has a refuge there.

The stadium of Spartakiad, next to which stood more than 2,000,000, is now full of football training grounds, but it does not even evoke pleasant feelings. In addition, they will not allow you to enter.

And so for a while to public transport, by bus, by metro to Vyšehrad station and again to breathe in the old and famous history of Prague. Not far from each other are the monuments of Jan Neruda, Waldemar Matuška or Bedřich Smetana and of course many Czech greats. The views from here from all sides of Prague are comparable to those of the castle.

The last meeting with Zlín hallmark is again a train station. Zlin is everywhere. After fulfilling his duties at work, another man of the musical surname, the spokesman for the Zlin Regional Hospital, Zdeněk Dvořák, returned to his district. And so we are at home here. Only three hundred kilometers northwest.

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