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A picture that ignites the concern of Liverpool fans about Mohamed Salah

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Ramy Abbas, agent of star Mohamed Salah, captain of the Egyptian national football team, and top scorer of the Liverpool team, raised the controversy again about the future of the Egyptian pharaoh with the English club.

And the future of Mohamed Salah is still ambiguous with the Liverpool team, in light of the failure to reach an agreement between him and club officials regarding the renewal of the contract.

Mohamed Salah’s contract with Liverpool expires at the end of the summer after next in June 2023, and Liverpool officials are seeking to renew with the team’s first sniper, like other players in the team.

Ramy Abbas published a picture through his official account on the social networking site “Twitter”, in which Mohamed Salah appears laughing while standing behind him.

Some linked this image with the current situation between Mohamed Salah and Liverpool officials, after there were recent reports that Liverpool rejected Mohamed Salah’s terms in order to renew his contract.

On the other hand, Cade Gordon, the young Liverpool player, praised the Egyptian pharaoh, stressing that he learned a lot from the Reds star during his time in the first team.

“Watching Mohamed Salah up close on a regular basis helped me a lot, especially as he plays in my position,” Gordon said.

He added: “Salah is the best player in the world right now, so watching him really helps me. It makes me try to get to his level.”

“He records from anywhere, so it was definitely worth studying up close,” the 17-year-old added.

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He continued, “Salah does a lot of work in the gym, and he helps me with that as well. I had some sessions with him.”