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A policeman's camera captures the terrifying moments of an American between the fangs of a tiger

A policeman’s camera captures the terrifying moments of an American between the fangs of a tiger

Video of a camera attached to a Florida policeman’s suit shows a terrible moment as he runs toward a distress call and a moan, accompanied by gunfire. It turns out that the policeman shot and killed a tiger after it seized the arm of a zoo cleaner who allegedly tried to pet and feed the pets.

The video shows River Rosenquist, 26, bloodied and lying on the floor in the tiger enclosure at the Naples Zoo screaming in pain: “Please help me! Help me please! Oh my God! Shoot him! I’m going to die!” Collier County kicked the fence, where Eko, an eight-year-old Malaysian tiger was housed, in an attempt to get the animal to free the worker.

After an unsuccessful attempt, the policeman fired a single shot at the tiger, which failed to let go of the worker’s arm in an attempt to save Rosenquist’s life.

The twenty-year-old man, an employee of a cleaning company that provides services at the zoo, was seriously injured and required hospitalization.

The man entered the zoo on Wednesday evening “in a restricted area near a tiger that was in its vicinity” after the site was closed to the public, according to the Collier County police, where the zoo is located in the city of Naples.

The man then inserted his arm through a hole in the fence and was “playing or feeding the animal” when he was attacked, according to initial police reports.

the tiger that was killed

the tiger that was killed

The zoo announced on its website the establishment of a unit to help employees psychologically in the face of a state of “mourning”.

The zoo’s Facebook page was flooded with messages of support for staff and sad comments by owners expressing regret for the “futile” incident that claimed the life of a “cool tiger”.

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