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A prayer that draws with her feet the strength of will and the beauty of talent

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Doaa Al-Bastati, 32, was born without arms, but with will, determination and challenge she was able to become a plastic artist by using her feet, to form one of the most important and inspiring success stories. She began drawing at a young age with the encouragement of her sister, and she refined her talent with diligence and diligence, and continued to graduate from the College of Fine Arts in Damascus. She considers art a message to the community with her ability to overcome difficulties. She has participated in art projects in many countries, and individual and group internal exhibitions. She has the ambition to become a global artist.

the start

Doaa says to Al-Bayan: “I started drawing at the age of 13 with the encouragement of my sister, who used to bring me children’s drawings and I would draw them. Then I entered the Adham Ismail Art Center to develop my talent and overcame the difficulties with the strength of will and determination to achieve my goal and dream.”

Doaa adds: “The easiest thing I did in my life was drawing, and I was able to reveal in my paintings what was going on inside me, and where I did not find it difficult to express myself, even when I was a student at the College of Fine Arts in Damascus, I was sitting on the floor to complete my projects.”


For Doaa, art is not only a profession or a hobby that she practices, as she said: “Practicing art is a message to society that using the feet in drawing was more important than the arms that were created without them, and I was able to reach what I aspire to, and they call me a plastic artist.”

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Drawing using her feet did not force Doaa to rely on specific techniques and methods, as she says that she “worked in her beginnings on all techniques, from pencils, watercolors, drawing on wood, cloth and paper, but after graduating from the College of Art, she relied on reverse drawing on glass.”

Old Damascus was present in the paintings of Duaa, who was born in the ancient Damascene neighborhood of Al-Midan, where she pointed out that “her first painting was with a pencil for an old Levantine neighborhood,” pointing out that “Damascus is her love for its jasmine, its neighborhoods, and its whims.”

Regarding her participation in exhibitions, Doaa said that she “has participated in art projects in Ukraine, Britain, and Jordan, and several group exhibitions and individual exhibitions of up to 5 exhibitions.”