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مرور عام على إطلاق مسبار الأمل الإماراتي من اليابان

A probe of hope in the eyes of scientists.. 22 comments summarizing the size of the achievement

The Hope Probe is not an ordinary project. The scientific missions it seeks to achieve by reaching the orbit of Mars are unique.

Therefore, the Hope probe aroused the interest and curiosity of scientists, who expressed the importance of this achievement with comments made in scientific studies and on various occasions.

While a year passes these days since the launch of the probe from Japan, “Al-Ain News” presents a list of the most prominent 22 comments summarizing the value and importance of the achievement.

Sayaka Wakayama, a researcher at the Center for Advanced Biotechnology at Yamanashi University in Japan, told “Al-Ain News” that “the data provided by the Emirati Hope Probe mission to Mars orbit, will be very useful for our research that we want to test the ability of humans to reproduce in deep space.”

He added: “A multi-wavelength radiation camera carried by the probe will help provide data about the level of radiation in deep space, which will help us test how human sperm is affected by this level.”

And an American study published in the journal Nature Astronomy on February 8, 2021 reveals: “The Hope Probe will be useful in clarifying the possibility of establishing human colonies on Mars, as it is necessary to build a human settlement on the Red Planet with reassurance of the presence of water in sufficient quantities, and the probe will help in Solve one of the mysteries of this vital element of life.

While the global space website, Space, said on February 9, 2021: “The UAE has become the fifth country to reach Mars in the world, a little more than a decade after the country launched its first satellite, which is (DubaiSat 1), in An effort to promote a diversified economy based on knowledge, innovation and advanced technology.

The British newspaper, The Independent, on February 9, 2021, praised this great achievement, and said: “The probe completed an unprecedented difficult maneuver, using its six thrusters for about half an hour, a process that no space mission has previously applied in this way.”

She added: “The probe will orbit Mars to study its atmosphere and provide a comprehensive picture of it, with the aim of sharing 1,000 gigabytes of new scientific data that it will collect with more than 200 scientific institutions and research centers around the world.”

Cnet, the international website specialized in advanced technology news and innovative scientific achievements, said: “The UAE has now become the fifth country in the world, and the first Arab country, to successfully reach Mars, and it made history on February 9, 2021, by entering the orbiter of the Red Planet.”

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Ayman Mahmoud, a member of the Egyptian Space Agency’s board of directors, said in previous statements to Al-Ain News: “In addition to the expected scientific value of the probe’s mission, it consolidates a very important culture, which is that nothing is impossible, and that with determination and good management anything can be achieved. Achievement”.

For his part, Prince Sultan bin Salman bin Abdulaziz, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Saudi Space Authority and the first Arab astronaut, praised the achievement of the Hope Probe, and told the Saudi Press Agency that this ambition was not born today, but was since 1986 when I met Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan. , may God rest his soul, and he was talking about space and mentioning the smallest details, and he had a great ambition on which he built generations, ambitions and initiatives that contributed to the realization of this dream.”

Salah El-Din Belwadeh, an Algerian researcher in the field of space, confirmed in previous statements to “Al-Ain Al-Akhbar” that the probes of hope “are a great achievement that will give several opportunities and new experiences and the radiance and sunshine of science on the Arab and Islamic levels.”

As for Mourad Hamaddouche, Vice President of the “Al-Shi’ari Astronomy” Association in the Algerian state of Constantine (east), he indicated in previous statements to “Al-Ain News” that “the Arab world, by launching the probe, began to go into space, and we are no longer just consumers and we have a program, which means that there are competencies Arabic, according to a scientific vision.

In a statement on February 10, the European Space Agency said it looked forward to the probe’s discoveries, and said, “We look forward to the exciting discoveries about Mars that will be made by the Hope probe, which will provide important data on the weather and climate of the Red Planet.”

Ashraf Tadros, the former head of the astronomy department at the National Institute for Astronomical and Geophysical Research in Egypt, described in previous statements to “Al-Ain News”, the launch of the probe as “a historical moment that makes us Arabs proud.”

He said he jumped for joy after the announcement of the first signal from the probe, having lived on his nerves during the 27 blind minutes on the probe’s mission.

For its part, the US Space Agency expressed interest in the probe’s mission, and said on the page of the agency’s Perseverance rover, “Congratulations on the arrival of the Hope probe to Mars. The poet Al-Mutanabbi said in the past: (If you venture into the honor of Rome… do not be content with what without the stars).

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While the German science website ScienceX said on February 9: “A historic moment for the first spacecraft from the Arab world to reach the Red Planet, where the Hope probe is scheduled to spend a Martian year studying the climate of the Red Planet, which is a huge step in the path of the Red Planet.” Exploring this promising planet.

As for Jean-Yves Le Gall, President of the French Space Center, he said in statements to the Emirates News Agency (WAM) that “the world has begun to look at the UAE, after launching the Hope Probe, as a rising power that has gained a foothold in space activity at the global level.”

Vijay Ramani, a professor in the Department of Energy, Environmental and Chemical Engineering at the University of Washington, expressed to Al-Ain News, his wishes for the probe’s success.

He said, “We hope that the Hope Probe mission will be successful, so that this mission will help us obtain information about the salty waters of the Red Planet, which we recently demonstrated can be used to produce oxygen.”

The famous physicist Neil Tyson, in a video published by Sheikh Maktoum bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Deputy Ruler of Dubai, on his Twitter account, was interested in the nature of the probe’s mission in the orbit of Mars.

He said: “The probe will reach Mars and study its atmosphere; this is a work that no one has done before in previous missions, as we focused on the surface of Mars only and were preoccupied with its poles and the presence of life or water.”

Before the probe reached Mars, Dr. Mohamed El-Kosy, head of the Egyptian Space Agency, expressed, in exclusive statements to Al-Ain News, his confidence in the success of the mission.

He said: “The journey of the Emirates Mars Exploration Project (the Hope Probe) since its launch bodes well. The successful beginning, and the successful journey of the probe in space, will inevitably lead to a happy ending.

For his part, Dr. Gad El-Qadi, head of the National Institute for Astronomical and Geophysical Research in Egypt, expressed, in previous statements to Al-Ain News, his happiness with the probe project.

He said, “If we talk about the desire to contribute to scientific production in the field of space, we will find someone who tells us: What can we add to the world in front of what the US space agency (NASA) is doing? But now we can say that the UAE led the Arabs and they can have roles in the future”.

Dr. Dalia El-Feki, Head of the Structures, Thermal Control and Space Environment Department at the Space Division of the Remote Sensing Authority, praised to Al-Ain News for what the UAE did to ensure the success of the probe.

She said, “The UAE has done everything possible to ensure that the probe works in the Martian environment, in terms of temperatures and dust storms, and it has represented us as Arabs in such large space missions.”

On February 4, 2021, the American magazine Wired, which specializes in science and technology, described the information that the probe will send as “valuable.”

She said: “The probe will send valuable information about Mars and an integrated picture of the atmosphere of the red planet to deepen humanity’s understanding about the sources of water on the planet, and possible ways to live on it, but most importantly, the information that scientists will obtain after the probe reaches Mars orbit will help to understand The transformations taking place on planet Earth, because there are many similarities between the two planets.

The US technology website CNet said on February 2, 2021: “The probe will reformulate our understanding of the atmosphere of the red planet, and contribute, in addition to achieving its scientific goals that benefit the global scientific community, in empowering young men and women, and promoting interest in science, technology, engineering and mathematics disciplines. And consolidating the message of hope for the future in the Arab world, and strengthening cooperation between nations and peoples.

Dr. Farouk El-Baz, a space scientist and geologist at NASA, in previous exclusive statements to Al-Ain News, was interested in the nature of the probe’s mission.

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He said: “All previous missions to Mars were close to the surface, and we are waiting for the Hope probe to give us information about the upper layers of the atmosphere on Mars, and why most of the hydrogen and oxygen in its atmosphere is lost? Where does this loss go? These are questions we wait for the probe to help answer them. “.