“The work of our non-profit organization is very much dependent on cooperation with volunteers. We are pleased to give you the opportunity to work with students who can gain valuable experience with us. Their ideas and enthusiasm are a great asset to our work,” said John Honer, Director of Czech American Television.

“Zlin has appeared on television in 60 American cities in the USA, and is watched by 2.5 million families. In addition to the United States, we have viewers in Canada, Australia, Asia and Europe – for example, in England and Germany.

Tomas Melzer, a spokesman for the Zlin City Council, said that a unique program about the Czech and Moravian regions and their cultural heritage has been broadcast by the Czech-American non-profit television organization every week in the United States since 2003.

“The main task of our TV and Internet broadcasts is to raise awareness of the Czech Republic, to show and make Czech regions and destinations visible, and to bring the Czech cultural heritage closer. “The program contributes to the perception of the Czech Republic as a very pleasant and safe tourist destination,” said John Honer, and concluded: “We do not focus Not only on architecture and sights, but we also offer old Czech customs and traditions, almost forgotten crafts or excellent Czech cuisine. And by cooking Czech dishes, the other students help us in front of the camera, this time from the High School of Gastronomy and Commerce in Zlin. ”

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