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A program involving workshops and interactive sessions.. Training of 25 communication professionals in the United Kingdom

The UAE Government Media Office has organized an integrated programme, including workshops and interactive sessions at the British Government Communications Office and the London Business School, as part of the current session of the Government Communication Professionals Programme, which includes a number of Emirati communication managers and leaders. In various central government agencies.

The program seeks to provide fellows with the latest trends and best practices in government communication at the most prestigious academic and government institutions, and learn about the latest communication methods with an international panel of experts and experts.

25 government communication experts from government agencies participated in the current session. Foreign visits are an important part of the program, as they offer the best opportunity to keep up with modern trends and interact directly with experts and influencers.

The current session of the program includes topics covering several government communication sectors; In addition to telling an influential story and digital marketing strategies, the course dealt with several modern methods and methods aimed at improving interaction with the audience by providing unique content and innovative ideas in the fields of digital content planning and creation.

Saeed Mohammed Al-Etter, Deputy Minister of Cabinet Affairs for Strategic Plans and Head of the Media Office of the UAE Government, emphasized that government communication plays a vital and important role in supporting the government’s guidelines, goals and strategies in a way that ensures them. Providing news and success stories locally, regionally and globally and contributing to strengthening partnerships between government and community members.

He added: The government communication system in the country contributes to highlighting the positive aspects of the UAE experience in all sectors, and has an important role in increasing awareness of government initiatives and services. Therefore, it is necessary to continuously improve this system. Its employees, by following the latest practices in the field of communication.

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He pointed out that more than 170 professionals from various federal institutions have graduated from the Government Communication Professionals Program, which is a fundamental pillar for the development of Emirati media initiatives and global projects.

The training program included a visit to the British Prime Minister’s headquarters and several events, with the presence and participation of a team of experts from the British Government Communications Office led by Alex Aiken, the Office’s Executive Director; During the 4 days, the participants learned about the Office’s strategy (2022-2025), internal communication methods, communication crisis management and methods of using modern communication methods.

Alex Aiken said: “The UK Government Communications Office is delighted to be working so successfully with our colleagues from the UAE Government Media Office. We have exchanged ideas and experiences and during the training program we have been able to build relationships that will strengthen collaboration in the future.

Khadija Hussain, Executive Director of the Government Communications Department of the UAE Government’s Media Office, emphasized that the importance of the Communication Professionals Program is increasing in light of the ongoing developments and the need for quality communication programs and projects. Taking into account the changes, it contributes to highlight the development process that the country is witnessing in all job streams.

The training program dealt with various topics, including the role of communication departments and sectors in creating an environment conducive to dialogue between governments and the public, and identifying measures needed to optimally prepare communication departments to play their future role. In light of rapid regional and global changes.

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Andy Pike, Director of National Marketing Campaigns (GRADE) at the Prime Minister’s Office and Cabinet Office for Communications, took part in introducing participants to the importance of national campaigns, their key role in supporting various sectors and how to build strength. Communication programs and creative initiatives.

The event witnessed a wide range of events, led by the Dean of the College, François Ortalo Magnay, who met with leaders and communication experts at the London Business School; To learn about the latest academic trends and modern communication theories in various fields and disciplines.

The participants were introduced to the different types of communication policies of these prestigious organizations, their most important features and objectives and the duties of official spokespersons, and the role of government communication in supporting the objectives of the organizations and working to achieve them in the best possible way.

Organized in collaboration with the New Media Academy, the program aims to improve the skills of government communication workers and professionals in government institutions and to qualify them to lead communication programs in institutions through the best global media and communication. Procedures.