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A project that could revolutionize energy markets.. China is testing a technology to import electricity from space to Earth

China has successfully tested a technology model with a complete system that will one day be used to transmit solar energy wirelessly from outer space to Earth, a project that will lead to a real revolution in global energy markets, according to what was published by the agency. Bloomberg America, Friday 17 June 2022.

Send method
A typical power plant in Xidian University, Shaanxi Province, captures sunlight from a height above the ground, converts it into microwave radiation, and then transmits those rays through the air to the receiving station on the ground, where it is converted back into electricity. Once again, according to the agency.

The US agency also noted that the current model can send energy through the air with a length of only 55 meters, but the researchers hope that one day the technology will expand, enough to send power from orbiting solar panels to Earth.

The team of researchers behind the project conducted several tests recently before a panel of outside experts, who confirmed the project’s success on June 5, according to the university’s press release.

The importance of the project
The importance of the promise of obtaining solar energy from space is that it will eliminate the biggest flaw in clean energy technologies, which is their inability to work in the dark. The panels will be placed in an orbit that enables them to avoid the Earth’s shadow.

And China isn’t the only country looking at this technology. Researchers at the California Institute of Technology launched a space-based solar energy program with a $100 million grant in 2013.

While researchers in India, Russia, the United Kingdom and France are also exploring various possibilities. Japan, in particular, has made significant progress in this area, according to Xidian University.

Individual components of the solar technology may have been tested from space in the past, but Xidian University says Chinese researchers are the first to successfully test a complete system model.

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