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A prototype of a spacecraft may be waiting for a "hypersonic flight test" -

A prototype of a spacecraft may be waiting for a “hypersonic flight test” –

The SN16, the latest prototype of the upcoming spacecraft, may be awaiting a “hypersonic flight test”. This comes on the heels of a recent post on Twitter by Elon Musk.

The word “hypersonic” means that SN16 must move at least five times faster than sound in such a test.

“Based on the SpaceX CEO’s comment, it is also safe to assume that the Starship can reach hypersonic speeds on its own — and perhaps only with three Raptor engines installed,” He said k tomu server Teslarati.

This news comes shortly after SN16 was moved to the “retired prototyping” territory, where SN15 is currently located. This, of course, sparked stormy speculation about his future.

As for the SN15 mentioned above, neither Musk nor anyone else at SpaceX has confirmed yet that it’s actually retired, so we won’t see it again in the air. In theory, we can expect more surprises. Of course, we will continue to monitor the situation.

This is how SN15 flew:

Cover Photo: Busker intoxicatingAnd the CC BY-SA 4.0.1 Update

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