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A proud drinker who made Kettle popular

Jan Vokurka had a clear idea of ​​what he would do in life since his childhood. “I am so convinced that one is born with some of these preconditions. Someone has been fascinated by animals and music since he was a child, then really did it.” Jan Fukorka says, “I knew I wanted to do business.” At the same time, he admits that he belongs to. Sons of Husak, “that is, from the generation born at a time when entrepreneurship was out of the question. But thanks to a accidentally discovered book about American entrepreneurs from 1911, he decided to take this path at the age of 5. Today, he leads the company with annual revenues of more than 83.” A million crowns, which is one-fifth more than it was in 2019.

This year’s winner of the Liberec Area Entrepreneur Competition 2020 has previously worked in a senior position at Nestlé. He entered the food industry thanks to his enthusiasm for fast-moving consumer goods, that is, fast-moving consumer goods. As part of this, he discovered the beverage category he was passionate about, and today, as he himself says, it is a proud drink. However, the main motivation behind leaving a large company was his desire for freedom. “I left a successful position from a large company in a state of uncertainty, so to speak, from mud to puddle. The main drive was the desire for freedom, the desire to fulfill one’s visions, and the desire to create something. I loved Nestlé, and I still respect and love it. But in a commercial company you will always find you have to apply. The advantage of doing business is that you set the rules yourself, and that’s how you want it, ”says Fukorka.

The family business, Kitl, was founded in 2007, but the idea was born in 2005. The first wine product called Kitl Šláftruňk was a herbal wine for a good night’s sleep. Today, the company is mainly known for its fruit drink. The company is now mainly focused on exporting products to Ireland.

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At the time Jan Vokurka founded Kitl, he knew current trends well and some had been sticking to them for more than a decade. “Current trends are created by tapping your finger, and they’re instantly shared across social networks and up in a month. But many of them will disappear in the same short time,” notes Fukorka. “Today we have a“ plastic age ”, in which plastic is the biggest enemy of plastic. Some companies and society have overreacted to this. According to him, Kettle is following the golden mean and trying to implement all directions with what is called the cause.

Kitl is committed to sustainability, especially when it comes to saving old factories. “I sincerely believe that building in a field where grain grew a year ago is not correct. There are many beautiful old buildings that can be saved instead of stopping greenery with new factories. According to this conviction, Kitl bought the buildings of Vratislavická kyselka in Vratislavice nad Nisou, which is now trying to renovate them.” And to begin introducing curative mineral waters, whose origins date back to the second half of the 19th century, Kitl is now renovating a sourdough complex and rebuilding production halls and engineering networks.

Jan Vokurka is also taking action to save the Kittel District. This is an area where Dr. Yan Joseph Antonin Elisar Keitel lived in the 18th century, who had healing powers and was famous for his willingness to help others. There is now an educational pathway in this field that tells us more about his life. Kitl secured the general group “Let’s Save the Kittel Region” in 2007, the year the company was founded. The proceeds of the group are used for the repair of real estate in the Kyselka region, archaeological excavations in the Kittelovsk region, as well as for the protection and restoration of nature and green spaces in the Kittelovsk region.

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