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A Qatari activist calls on his national team's fans to "flood" the stands with a flag...

A Qatari activist calls on his national team’s fans to “flood” the stands with a flag…

Qatari activist Abdulaziz Al-Haidous called for the massive participation of Qatari fans in the last remaining match for their country’s national team against the Netherlands with the Palestinian flag.

Al-Haydos indicated, in a video clip broadcast on his account on the TikTok platform, that the next match is a foregone conclusion, and the team actually exited the World Cup in the first round after two losses, but everyone must bring the flag of Palestine, so that the stands appear before the world, carrying one message, that the most important issue For the Qatari masses, it is the Palestinian cause.

Activists and participants interacted at the expense of Al-Haydos, praising the initiative, and a number of commentators called for wide participation, by carrying the Palestinian flag, to affirm the Palestinians’ right to live and the departure of the occupation from their lands.

Raising the Palestinian flag has become a clear phenomenon in the World Cup in Qatar, and Twitter accounts have circulated since the beginning of the tournament, hundreds of clips documented by the participants to raise the flags of Palestine for the Arab masses and sympathizers with the Palestinian cause, as well as activities that witnessed chanting songs for Palestine on the nights of the World Cup and on the stands.

The Tunisian fans raised a huge flag for Palestine, at the 48th minute of the Carthage Eagles match against Australia, in the World Cup Qatar 2022, in reference to the reminder of the history of the occupation of Palestine.

And the masses wrote in English on the flag the words “Free Palestine”.

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The Moroccan fans also interacted with Palestine, and witnessed the last match of Morocco, the fans raised a huge Palestinian flag, as well as the Palestinian flags worn by Moroccan fans and scarves bearing the Palestinian flag.

The masses also showed a rejection of the presence of the occupation journalists, and footage showed sharp debates and refusal by the Arab fans to conduct any interview with reporters after revealing that their identity was Israeli.