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صحيفة: بريطانيا تتطلع لتوجيه التجارة لأوروبا عبر موانئ غير فرنسية

A quorum has been reached for those demanding a vote of no confidence in Boris Johnson

The legal number of MPs demanding a vote of no confidence in the British Prime Minister has been completed Boris JohnsonIt was reported by Sky News.

The British House of Commons held a session today to vote on a motion to withdraw confidence from Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

The British Standards watchdog has accused Prime Minister Boris Johnson of failing to allay fears that he and his ministers consider themselves above the rules, in the wake of the Downing Street party scandal.

According to the Guardian, Jonathan Evans, chair of the Committee on Standards in Public Life, has criticized the planned reform of the way the ministerial law is tuned, saying it undermines the role of Boris Johnson’s ethics adviser, Christopher Gedet.

His comments came as two other Tory MPs wrote to their constituents condemning the prime minister’s behavior during the pandemic.

Downing Street announced the changes last week, after the Committee on Standards in Public Life made a series of proposals earlier this year. own without the prime minister’s permission, the commission also urged.

For its part, the British newspaper, “Daily Mail”, said that the Conservative Party was embroiled in a major row over the leadership of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson today, Wednesday, amid the repercussions of the Downing Street party crisis, after he said it would not be a “responsible act” to resign now..

He spoke after nearly 50 Conservative Party members questioned his conduct publicly, and more than 30 are believed to have done so privately..

According to party rules, 54 people are required to submit letters of no-confidence for a leadership vote. But some of his outspoken critics may not have made that choice yet, and there is speculation that they are planning to do so..

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Likewise, while it is also possible that some of those who remain silent have sent letters of no confidence, others are also looking for colleagues for a potential leadership challenge, either for themselves or for allies.