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A rapidly spreading forest fire

A rapidly spreading forest fire

A rapidly spreading wildfire has engulfed the village of Greenville in Northern California. Much of the city center and residential homes in the surrounding areas are flattened. I caught the destructive power of fire Videos Spread on social networks.

The Dixie Fire, the largest active fire in California, swept through a village of about 800 people Wednesday night local time, destroying apartment buildings and shops, and turning the sky orange. According to an Associated Press photographer, gas stations, a hotel and a local pub were burned to the ground.

Dixie Fire, one of nearly a hundred great fires in the American West, is burning in northern California in the Plumas National Forest. It erupted three weeks ago, burning 1,108 square kilometers. On Wednesday, authorities ordered the evacuation of another 15,000 people because of him.

In the evening, 2,000 residents of Chester, near Greenville, also received a powerful evacuation call. “If you stay,” she said, “you should move east at once!” a call The Plumas County Sheriff’s Office posted on Facebook. “If you can’t evacuate, take cover on a baseball field at a school in Chester,” the report continued.

According to the National Wildlife Service (NIFC), more than 20,000 firefighters and support workers are working against fires in the western United States. The flames engulfed an area of ​​about 7,500 square kilometres. (CTK)

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