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دمية Squid Game "حقيقية" وعرضت للجمهور فى متحف كورى ريفى.. صور

A “real” Squid Game doll was shown to the public at a Korean Rural Museum.. Photos

The squid game is released by the korean series squid gamesearch lists and the most-watched series since its inception, while the creepy marionette that appeared in the first episode, which eventually led players into a bloodbath, became an essential part of the series’ promotions.

Squid Game Doll

However, what fans may not know is that the doll is actually real, and for a short period of time, it was on display to the public in a museum for visitors to see in northern South Korea, according to the website. NEWSWEEK.

The doll is in the Masha Land Museum, in Jincheon County, a rural area in North Korea, but on September 27, the museum made an update on its website, announcing that the doll was no longer on display to the public.

According to the Korean daily Hankook Ilbo, the decision to keep the doll after filming was made by its manufacturer, which made it specifically for toys. squid gamesAfter the filming was completed, the doll was transferred to Masha Land To be stored privately, but displayed by mistake.

Squid Game in the Philippines
Squid Game in the Philippines

Although the actual doll used in the production of the toy squid Can no longer be seen, a smaller version has been made to be placed in the mall in the Philippines, where the doll is placed in a center Robinsons Galleria Ortigas Mall In Manila, she even has the frighteningly glowing eyes of real eyes, as she spins her head side to side, singing the same song she’s been singing in the series, as part of the publicity.

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