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A revamped Lexus ES may replace the camera mirrors

Lexus has unveiled a new ES model that brings attractive new technologies and design elements. These features include better sound insulation, greater driving comfort, a new touchscreen multimedia system and greater active safety, including Lexus Safety System + 2.5, improved suspension, improved brake pedal response and, in the case of ES F SPORT, an AVS adaptive suspension system. The new Lexus ES will arrive in the Czech market in the last quarter of this year.

A revamped Lexus ES may replace the camera mirrors

The Lexus ES executive sedan has amazed drivers and passengers for many years with its highly efficient soundproofing, a high level of driving comfort and generous space. The ES was first introduced in 1989 and today it is a major model in the Lexus brand show. The new, enhanced EC sedan made its debut in the Western and Central European markets in 2018. Total sales in more than 80 countries and regions have reached 2.65 million vehicles since its launch.

The new EC, primarily sought after by fleet customers and corporate drivers, is available in Western and Central Europe with a fourth-generation Lexus hybrid engine with autonomous charging. It provides further improvements in terms of unparalleled sound insulation and ride comfort, as well as more sophisticated functionality for comfort features. The qualitative transformation is evident, for example, in the seamless continuity of acceleration, deceleration and steering in all driving situations, as Lexus designers sought to achieve a linear response fully in line with the driver’s intentions.

The application of advanced Lexus technologies was able to stiffen the rear suspension reinforcements in favor of optimal steering stability, for example when driving from lane to lane on the highway at high speeds. The ES F SPORT Edition also uses the AVS Advanced Adaptive Suspension, which, thanks to a new actuator, ensures higher ride comfort and more readable steering interactions.

In addition, the new Lexus ES features advanced safety technologies for safer travel. Compared to the previous version, Lexus now offers the 2.0 enhanced security system + Lexus enhanced security system + 2.5. And last but not least, there is a more cultural appearance in general through the revised grille and headlights, as well as the use of new colors in the interior of the car.

“Our aim was to further emphasize the high quality of the European Commission and enhance its added value. In addition to more effective noise reduction and a qualitative shift in driving comfort, we sought the linear nature of body movements in response to steering wheel instructions so that the vehicle fully followed the driver’s intentions. In terms of stylistic design, We developed and modernized the elegant look that defines EC. As part of the development, we focused on elements with potential for improvement in an effort to exceed customer expectations once again. So when the new European Commission audiences sit down, I think they will notice the work of developer teams who have faithfully committed to the idea of ​​”Always On” to produce Better cars than ever, ”says chief designer Tetsuja Aoki for Lexus International.

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By switching from a single-layer to a two-layer construction, it was possible to increase the torsional stiffness of the rear wheel suspension. This is reflected in the car’s linear feedback, which is now in line better with the driver’s intentions, even in situations such as changing lane to lane.

By changing the shape of the brake pedal, the contact area of ​​the driver’s shoe is increased. The vibrations could also have been suppressed in favor of more stable feedback when depressing the brake pedal. In the hybrid version, the ES 300h has improved brake control by adjusting the control parameters of the electronically controlled braking system.

The new adaptive suspension actuator AVS ES F SPORT Edition operates with a higher flow of the oil flow control valve in the hydraulic control solenoid. It now responds to lower damping forces and contributes to high ride comfort with more pleasant and stable steering responses thanks to a wider range of damping forces.

The new ES brings a modern look with a redesigned radiator grille and headlights. For the cabin, the customer can choose new leather upholstery from Forest Brown or faux leather upholstery and new two-tone seats for the F Sport Edition. The new multimedia touchscreen features are now even more intuitive.

The front of the car retains the typical features of this executive sedan, but the radiator grille now has fewer vertical ribs and uses a modified set of “L” elements with an emphasis on horizontal flow and a prominent forward arc.

Single-lamp versions use new built-in lighting units; The new, slim, three-source units feature an Adaptive BladeScan Beam Control System with improved functionality and a sharper appearance. The most pronounced rims of the 17-inch sport bikes have brushed surfaces; The 18-inch bikes are more luxurious thanks to the brushed surfaces combined with the black paint. 19 ” F SPORT wheels in Glossy Black match with the radiator grille.

For the first time, the body paint package includes a “Sonic Platinum” cover with stronger shades that accentuate the vehicle’s shapes; The new paint in “Sonic Gray” resembles the look of metal with a high-gloss finish. Lexus has always promoted a human-centered approach, so the new touchscreen has been moved more than 100mm closer to the driver and its tilt is adjusted by about 5 degrees for better readability.

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The smartphone easily connects to the on-board unit via Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. At the same time, it is possible to use the latest version of the Lexus Link mobile app, which includes, for example, the following functions: tracking the location of the vehicle; Transportation to the destination after stopping; Vehicle Maintenance Department information on the meaning of warning lights; Or call the emergency services. The Lexus Link app also provides a number of features that can primarily be used by corporate customers: Convenient fleet management with an overview of all trips and easy segmentation to private and commercial travel; Information on time spent driving electric vehicles or hybrid training (driving efficiency information). The app is also available on the Czech market for iOS and Android Auto.

Feelings of luxury and modernity on board are multiplied by the decorative elements of the new design “Sumi Black Walnut” (walnut in the deep black shade of Japanese sumi ink) and “dark brown walnut” (dark brown walnut).

The new Lexus ES

In addition to hazelnuts, customers can opt for “Forest Brown” interiors. For the F SPORT version, the cab is now available in white with white and red seat upholstery and black seat back.

The new ES includes an enhanced Lexus + 2.5 safety system. In addition to the monocular camera and millimeter-wave radar in use so far, Lexus has added other features, such as emergency steering assist or improved lane-recognition capabilities. Improvements also apply to digital rearview mirror cameras.

The Pre-Collision Safety System with improved camera and radar is now a more functional range and can detect cyclists during the day, as well as pedestrians in daylight and in poor lighting conditions. Additionally, it helps reduce the risk of collisions at intersections, as it detects oncoming vehicles and pedestrians crossing the road when turning. The job listing also includes, for example, an emergency guidance assistant.

If a pedestrian is close to the lane or directly in the lane, the emergency steering aid (activated by the driver’s evasive maneuver) is activated to assist in the correct movement of the steering wheel in order to stabilize and maintain the vehicle’s stability. In the corridor.

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Semi-Autonomous Driving Assist (LTA) is an advanced driving support feature that helps keep the vehicle in the middle of the lane and now uses AI technology with a wider functional range and smoother and smoother assistive interventions after improvements.

The radar-controlled dynamic cruise control system (for the entire speed range) has been extended with a cornering speed control function that slows the vehicle in advance depending on the approaching cornering parameters; On highways and motorways, cruise control regulates acceleration and deceleration to maintain a constant distance from the vehicle ahead within the specified speed range.

The BladeScan Advanced Adaptive High Beam Control (AHS) system works by striking light beams from an LED source on a pair of rapidly rotating blade-shaped mirrors, which are then transmitted to the headlight glass to illuminate the road ahead. The system precisely regulates beam distribution by synchronizing the rotation of the mirrors with the LED headlights on and off. The BladeScan Adaptive High Beam Control system expands the high-beam illuminated area, allowing the driver to see pedestrians and traffic signs early without dazzling oncoming drivers.

A digital rearview mirror system (optionally available at an additional cost) replaces the classic exterior rearview mirrors with integrated HD cameras on the exterior of the vehicle, connected to the in-cab displays. These provide improved visibility of the area directly behind and along the vehicle in all driving conditions, which reduces or eliminates the driver’s blind spot and automatically adapts to provide extended visibility when the vehicle is cornering or reversing. (More on the system)

On the new ES model, the system uses an enhanced digital rearview mirror camera, providing a better view of the rear of the vehicle than traditional exterior rearview mirrors, especially at night or in the rain. When processing the camera signal, interference is prevented in order to obtain a more readable image in scenes with bright and dark areas; At the same time, the LED flicker is reduced.

The new EC executive sedan will be sold in European markets later this year, and it will arrive in the Czech market in the last quarter of this year.

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Pictures of the article

Article Photo: A revamped Lexus ES ES may replace the camera mirrors

Article Photo: A revamped Lexus ES ES may replace the camera mirrors

Article Photo: A revamped Lexus ES ES may replace the camera mirrors

Article Photo: A revamped Lexus ES ES may replace the camera mirrors

Article Photo: A revamped Lexus ES ES may replace the camera mirrors

Article Photo: A revamped Lexus ES ES may replace the camera mirrors

Article Photo: A revamped Lexus ES ES may replace the camera mirrors

Article Photo: A revamped Lexus ES ES may replace the camera mirrors

Article image: A revamped Lexus ES ES may replace the camera mirrors

Article Photo: A revamped Lexus ES ES may replace the camera mirrors

Article Photo: A revamped Lexus ES ES may replace the camera mirrors

Article Photo: A revamped Lexus ES ES may replace the camera mirrors

Article Photo: A revamped Lexus ES ES may replace the camera mirrors

Article Photo: A revamped Lexus ES ES may replace the camera mirrors

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