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A revolution in Suzuki: 800 double-cylinder in-line for V-Strom and GSX-S

A revolution in Suzuki: 800 double-cylinder in-line for V-Strom and GSX-S

When he brought us in the beginning of September spy photos The bike that was supposed to be the new V-Strom equipped with an inline motor, we were hesitant to believe it ourselves. Maybe it wasn’t Suzuki, after all, it’s had a nice oyster shell for over 20 years and the engine is still nice, moreover, with construction already paid for (and many times)… Now it’s clear that on the contrary, it was That’s just right, even with this Japanese brand, the brand is drowning in the waters of twin-cylinder units. However, fans of the six-point forks should not be sad, Both the SV650 and the V-Strom 650 . should continue to be offered And both novelties aren’t replacements, but they do fill in the gap between the smaller models and the larger V-Strom 1050, or the GSX-S1000.

With DOHC and four valves per cylinder, this engine packs a punch 776 cm3 and offset of the connecting rod pins by 270 degrees, So it simulates a rectangular shell. That’s exactly what Honda’s new Transalp/Hornet does, that’s exactly how all Yamahas do it with the CP2700. As far as performance standards are concerned, Suzuki is somewhere in the middle between the Japanese contenders in horse count when offering the GSX-8S naked 61 kW and up to 62 kW in V-Stromin both cases at 8500 rpm, but in the torque zone prevail 78 N at 6800 rpm. Well, you can not replace the size with anything, moreover, the unit is not an aggressive short stroke, but combines a bore of 84 mm and a fairly long stroke of 70 mm.

So it seems that the characteristics will be exactly what you want in a simple adventure and shooting game every day, With a good low punch and uncompromising power in the midrange. In addition, Suzuki has included in the engine a new patented balancing system with a pair of balancing shafts, located at an angle of 90 degrees to the crankshaft, which is supposed to completely eliminate the initial vibrations, which will be especially necessary for the V-Strom . In the engine we also find an anti-jump clutch and behind it a six-speed gearbox, in which gears are changed using the installed standard Two-way quick switch.

We were very interested in the Rapid Transit system, so let’s take a look at the electronic equipment of both motorcycles. The days of the simple V-Strom 650 and SV650 are completely gone, the new ones have an electronic throttle and a nice set of assistants grouped under the abbreviation Gentlemen Also known as the Suzuki Intelligent Ride System. There, in addition to the quick shift, you’ll find Easy Start (you press the start button and it spins until the engine starts to squeal), and Low RPM Assist (after first gear is engaged, more gas is added so the motorcycle doesn’t run out when cruising) And most importantly, traction control and limiter Driving modes. Traction has three levels on the road and more in V-Strom Fourth off-road gravelThere are three driving modes and they are just about throttle response and performance.

The ABS system has a regular GSX-8S with one mode, but the V-Strom will offer two modes (on-road and off-road) plus you can Turn off the rear anti-lock. You can fine-tune all these electronic controls with traditional Suzuka controls from the handlebars to completely new controls 5-inch TFT screens, Made by the brand recently V Strom 1050DE. Nice, clear screen with day and night display, but no connection. The fact that cruise control is missing from the list of electronic features is a bit disappointing, it would be very useful especially on the V-Strom, but it is not a common feature in this category.

Let’s go to the temple. Here, the scissors finally open up a little more for us, though not quite. The frame is the same (or at least that’s how it looks in all the photos), it kind of thing Solid spine weakness From the collection of tubes and profiles you put together Bolted seat frame, which is really different for everyone. It has a mesh construction on the V-Strom and is obviously designed to hold a lot of weight. The swingarms are aluminum and each is a different shape and most likely also different in length, where else would the V-Strom have a wheelbase of 1,570mm long, when the GSX-8S is only 1,465mm?

The biggest difference in the chassis components is of course the suspension and wheels. GSX-8S will occupy a cheap naked position every day, so it is Cayapas (Front forks USD with a tube diameter of 43mm) will provide 130mm of travel and you can only adjust the preload on the rear axle. 17-inch die-cast rims, draped in Dunlop RoadSport 2 wide soles are 120/180 mm wide. The V-Strom is made from a completely different dough, and the end of DE indicates that Suzuki made it first terrain variable. Showa provided the suspension here and both the front USD forks and rear shocks can be fully tuned, even the hydraulic preload in the rear! Information about elevators honest 220 mm It looks good, we can find the same value in the filter column. The wheels are the same as the V-Strom 1050DE, Twenty-one in the front, seventeen in the back, shod in Dunlop Trailmax Mixtour tires. The brake system in both cases has dual-piston calipers and 310mm discs up front, with a V-Strom disc, the Stromík has a 260mm disc in the rear, and the GSX-8S has a 2cm smaller disc.

So we already know what’s going on under their coats, but what about the outward appearance? So there are no connecting elements here, that is, except for the headlight which consists of a pair of angular LED elements placed one above the other, as we already know from the Suzuki GSX-S1000. The GSX-8S convertible is simply an everyday convertible bike, built with the same formula as Honda’s new Hornet, or perhaps the entry-level KTM 890 Duke. A slim machine with aggressive shapes and a short butt, which, quite surprisingly, only has a backlight in the prominent RZ mount. Obviously, the “eight” deserves praise is the short exhaust tip, and there is no huge pipe on the side. There will be three color versions, black combining matte and glossy and then blue and white, each with blue trim and a seat frame. The seat sits at 810mm, which is good for naked people, especially when the operating weight with a full 14L tank makes it reasonable 202 kg. Isn’t a bandana too big? Given the declared consumption of 4.2 l / 100, there is no need for this.

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The V-Strom 800DE is pure adventure. For example, I will have to get used to the cuckoo for a long time, and from the side it will also stop over the rather thick rear, however, the sporty aggressiveness of the V-Strom is certainly undeniable, especially when you consider the yellow and blue design. In addition, the figure eight will also be available in grey, yellow, black and blue. Here you have to climb considerably higher in the saddle, the edge of which is located at 855mm, and your straight muscles will also be tested 230 kg in a whole field. This means that even with a full tank, which can accommodate a very interesting 20 liters, which together with a consumption of 4.4 l / 100 km Range of more than 400 km. But the V-Strom 800DE will be more about shorter rides and good off-roading, the plexiglass is very small (although it can be adjusted to three positions at 15mm intervals), you’ll find plastic caps under the engine and on the handlebars, and it’s the first V-Strom ever to get On the network on the radiator in series. The rubber can be removed from the footrests, so you then have very wide gearboxes at your disposal, and as Vláďa achieved in Milan, the ergonomics of standing well behind the wide conical handlebars has been resolved. In the base equipment, you’ll also find a rear rack mount with passenger handles, which comes in handy even when you have to get your V-Stroma out of some off-road trouble. And it really speaks volumes about using it in the field!

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