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A “revolutionary” camera with a photography method that breaks the rules of science

According to New Scientist, a camera can now take pictures using Light He did not touch the objects. This is revolutionary for imaging very fragile tissues and materials.

How does a regular camera work?

  • Conventional cameras capture light that bounces off objects to create images.
  • Thus, the dimly lit objects that only come into contact with a few light particlesIt is not clearly shown in the pictures.

Who invented the new camera?

  • Chinese student Xiao Song Ma at Nanjing University in ChinaHe and his colleagues have now built a device that can take advantage of non-contact light.

New Quantum Camera Components

  • The new innovation is a maze of lenses, mirrors and crystals, arranged on a table so that light is produced at one end and detected at the other.
  • They tested it on a small plate embossed with three letters placed between two mirrors. Instead of using natural light or a camera flash, the researchers hit one of the device’s crystals with a laser beam, causing it to emit particles of light.
  • These particles traveled through the “maze” but never touched the body.
  • Thanks to quirks of quantum physics, the light hit a detector that records those properties, and then a computer used them to generate the final image of the plate.

Quantum physics

“Quantum physics often doesn’t motivate our daily lives, but in this case it helps us go beyond conventional imaging,” says Ma.

The new method may be useful for studying things like fragile living cells that change structure when exposed to light, he says.

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