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مركبة «تيانتشو 2»

A robotic arm controls the Tianzhou 2 spacecraft at the Chinese Space Station

A 10-meter-long robotic arm, located in the Tianhe unit, has succeeded.tianheaffiliated to Tiangong StationTiangong(The new Chinese spacecraft, in control of the “Tianzhou 2” spacecraft)Tianzhou 2) The spacecraft to transport and maneuver the payloads in a critical test before launching the incoming units, moving them about 20 degrees before returning them to the forward port at the docking center at Tianhe.

The 47-minute process began Wednesday, Jan. 5, to test procedures and equipment needed to add and move modules of a larger space station. The successful trial is key to the Chinese National Space Administration’s plan to complete construction of its space station later this year.

China plans to launch modules of the upcoming Chinese space station, Manjian.Mengtian) and “Wenchen” (Wentianon Long March B5 missiles.The long walk 5 b) will be separated in the coming months to dock with the orbiting Tianhe module, so the robotic arm must accommodate units over 20,000 kg each and maneuver them from the forward berth to the radial berths.

Space reported (Void) in a recent article that teams on the ground succeeded in simulating the test of the robotic arm long before Wednesday’s operation, as the robotic arm moved to the docking dock near the Tianhe docking center two days before the test to control from this location the “Tianzhou 2” vehicle. » By connecting it to an adapter port on the payload spacecraft.

The robotic arm played a role in spacewalking outside Tianhe, which helped the appropriate astronauts move to carry out their tasks, but it is the first time that the arm has been used in a large spacecraft, knowing that the Tiangong station will be completed after adding two new units to consist of three units. in the form of the letter TThe two new units are also intended to host scientific experiments, where there is a pressure chamber dedicated to extravehicular activities or spacewalking and a smaller robotic arm..

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The “Tianzhou 2” vehicle was launched in May 2021, and was the first visitor to the new “Tianhe” unit, where it loaded fuel and delivered the necessary supplies and equipment before the start of the “Shenzhou 12” manned mission, which lasted from June to September 2021, and then remained moored in “Tianhe” for use. In tests to transport the units of the future space station, knowing that it will leave orbit and burn with the waste it carries, “Tianhe” after the completion of the tests.


The “Tianhe” unit currently contains three spacecraft docked in its ports, where the “Shenzhou 13” capsule is docked in the lower port towards Earth, while “Tianzhou 3” is docked in the back port, and it is expected that the operation of “Shenzhou 13” will continue until next March. Then, Tianzhou 4, was launched before the Shenzhou 14 mission, to prepare for the arrival of the Manjian and Wenzhen units later in the year.