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Felix Slováček s Lucií Gelemovou a Dáda Patrasová

A Rotten Patras Celebration: Felix chose to run after Guillem!

Dada Patrasova celebrated its great jubilee. According to her, Christmas has turned out pretty much. But Felix Slovacic disagrees.

He left the celebration at Villa Vinohrady and was already at half past seven in the evening with his girlfriend Lucie Gelemová in ikov’s apartment. “It’s indescribable. You have to see how the party went,” explained why he finally preferred the younger artist over his wife.

He indulged in a glass of wine with her and according to their smiles, they could always enjoy their time together. “Be healthy. Toast, we’re celebrating,” Guillem Books for the Image. It is difficult to say if it is a tribute to Patras, which it regards as its main enemy.

The Queen of Children’s Hearts does not agree to her husband’s accusation. “He never left.” She first told, but then turned around: “I had absolutely no objection that he left the party. He was drinking with Mrs. Gillem at the time, but I don’t know anything. Everything went well, and I’m still surrounded by a pile of flowers. I don’t see a problem with anything.”

As her tone of voice showed, Jelem remains an unwanted figure to her. “How can I speak kindly of someone who has broken into my family?” I asked rhetorically with sorrow.

Slováček met Gelem in 2014, and has since been spending some time together. They survived the first wave of coronavirus last year in a shanty in southern Bohemia.

At first, Patras couldn’t reconcile with their relationship, but eventually she also found a lover, the Italian Vita. Dada has gone through some tough years behind. It was the relationship with Vet that brought the joy back into her life. Due to the pandemic, they are now only communicating remotely and looking to see each other again (Read here).

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Photo gallery: Děžké období Dády Patrasové


Dada Patrasova after the accident – 1

Dada shattered under the influence of three years at Christmas. This is how I spoke about the accident: