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A Russian rocket carries a new batch of OneWeb satellites into space

Sputnik Roscosmos

archive photo

Roscosmos announced that preparations are underway to launch a new batch of OneWeb satellites into Earth orbits.

A statement issued by the foundation said, “More than 30 OneWeb satellites have been transferred to the Kourou base in French Guiana in preparation for launching these satellites into Earth orbits using a Russian-made Soyuz-ST-B rocket. This operation is the 34th operation for launching this type of satellite. “.

The statement added, “As part of the preparations for the launch, experts from the Russian Lavochkin Center have started providing fuel for the missile’s propulsion systems and upper stage. The missile is supposed to launch from the base on February 10.”

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And the director of the Russian company Glavkosmos had indicated earlier that OneWeb plans to launch 7 batches of satellites into Earth orbits in 2022.

OneWeb plans to launch a system of small and medium-sized satellites to orbit at altitudes between 800 and 950 km above the Earth’s surface, and cover most of its regions with a fast-performing internet network.

The first 6 satellites of this system were sent to Earth orbits on February 28, 2019 using a Russian “Soyuz” missile launched from the Kourou space base, and on February 7, 2020, 34 other satellites were launched from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan, and then a group of satellites were launched in March of the year. The same, and in December 2020, the first launch of these satellites was carried out from the Russian “Vostochny” space airport, and on March 25 last year, another 36 satellites were launched into Earth’s orbits, and the number of these satellites in Earth’s orbits is currently 394.

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Source: Vesti