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بالبلدي: رائد فضاء سعودي وآخر هنغاري قد يحلقان إلى الفضاء على متن مركبة "سويوز" الروسية

A Saudi and a Hungarian astronaut may fly into space aboard the Russian “Soyuz” spacecraft Riyadh – Arab Today

The annual report of the Russian Space Corporation “Ross Cosmos” stated that two astronauts, one of them a Saudi and the other a Hungarian, may fly into space aboard the Russian “Soyuz” spacecraft. The International Space Station, as part of the development of the agreement on the use of space for peaceful purposes signed in October 2017 between Russia and Saudi Arabia, following the historic visit of King Salman bin Abdulaziz, to Russia, in October of the same year, and his meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin. At that time, the agreement referred in particular to the possibility of cooperation in the fields of manned space flights, preparing astronauts, as well as designing space devices and conducting scientific research for cosmic space. A manned space flight to the International Space Station, where a spokesman for “Ros Cosmos” said that the Russian and Hungarian sides had drawn up joint protocols for the preparation of the Hungarian astronaut to participate in the space flight within the framework of the joint cooperation program for 2020, and the financial aspect of this was also evaluated. The flight, and the details of Hungary’s contribution to it. It is reported that the Hungarian Foreign Minister, Peter Szijjarto, announced in 2019 that his country was in talks with Russia about sending a second Hungarian astronaut in the country’s history into space in 2024.

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Source :” Arabs today