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A Saudi artist drives a tractor and paints murals in the Riyadh and photos

A Saudi artist drives a tractor and paints murals in the Riyadh and photos

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The Saudi artist, Noura Al-Saidan, decorated the walls of the Boulevard in the capital, Riyadh, with 16 artistic paintings by the most famous singers and writers in the Middle East.

The 30-year-old artist spent 21 days to complete her collection for the Riyadh Season of Arts and Culture, which is held annually for five months in the capital, and includes artistic performances, concerts and sporting events.

Al-Saeedan described her mural of the Egyptian singer Umm Kulthum, as one of the paintings that she enjoyed the most, because of the details and features in it, so that her work takes 3 days and reaches a length of 81 meters.

And the artist was not satisfied with that, as she herself does the work of a whole team, drives a tractor and operates a crane while she wanders and paints her paintings on the walls of buildings in the capital, and she To monitor and maintain its plates to prevent them from being damaged or changing colorsAccording to what was published by the “Gulf News” website.

It is noteworthy that Al-Saedan holds a master’s degree in road and tunnel beautification and wants to spread Saudi art around the world.

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