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A Saudi artist who created painting and sculpture.. tells her experience

A Saudi artist who created painting and sculpture.. tells her experience


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In a unique style, the Saudi plastic artist, Amal Alam, excelled in integrating sculpture and painting, and combining the past and the present.

In an interview with, she said: “I have been a plastic artist since my early childhood. I tend to draw heritage and the nature in which I was present. When I was appointed as a teacher, I began teaching arts and actual artistic participation in several exhibitions locally and internationally in Abha, Al-Baha, Najran, Riyadh and Jeddah. Hail and other cities, and internationally in several countries such as London, Egypt, Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Carpet drawing

“Between carpet painting and sculpture”

She also added: “At the beginning, in the intermediate stage, I used to paint traditional silent nature and nature from farms, mountains and desert, all of which are an environment in which I lived between my hometown Najran and my residence in Abha and the picturesque natural areas in Asir. Until I honed my talent with academic education in the same field of arts, and gaining experience through Teaching arts to female students, and the many actual participations in fine art since 1985 until the present time,” pointing out that she practiced all kinds of arts in it, including drawing, sculpture, glass works, artwork and contemporary trends, and her first supporter was her father, may God have mercy on him.

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She also added, “Between drawing carpets and sculpture, I started fine art with drawing, so I produced several distinguished paintings that were acquired in my participation in exhibitions, and I tended to paint floor carpets and others because of the pleasure, accuracy and beauty in it, so I executed paintings expressing carpets (old dirt) in 1997 AD entitled Majlis My mother, may God have mercy on her, and it was acquired along with all my works in my exhibition in Abu Dhabi. Before that, the Ardha painting was acquired in Al-Baha Gallery in 1422 AH. While the works continued on a variety of topics, including drawing old carpets for which we carry in memory unforgettable stories. As for sculpture, it is my field of scientific specialization And sailed in producing contemporary practical and scientific works.

A product of sculpture

artistic creations

Alam continued, saying that she presented many artistic creations, including glass sculpture and glass slide paintings in the style of carving on soft materials, such as candles, textiles, silk painting, paper works and other materials, revealing that she has produced many contemporary works of art.

She also indicated that she very much respects the artist who is honest with his art and respects the minds of others in what he produces and presents works, books, and others, stressing that “plastic art is a branched science, and it needs great experience through practice, and the artist must possess knowledge of what he produces as much as possible.” And I always say: If you want to know an artist for who he really is, know his artistic history from beginning to end.”

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From the heritage.. Drawing the prayer rug

History of Saudi heritage

She also indicated that “we have to document in different artistic methods the history of the Saudi heritage that we have lived through and the customs and traditions in which the vast and rich Kingdom is characterized by its Islamic and heritage themes, due to the importance of documenting history with painting and sculpture, to transmit it through the generations of history, in addition to the practice of contemporary arts, which depend on different methods of technology.” “.

She concluded her speech by saying, “My future ambition is to document my work and academic research in a comprehensive book on sculpture that I practiced with distinctive stones from the wealth of my homeland in the Najran and Asir region, and in which I produced many contemporary works and mixed the authentic past with the future present, to be accessible to all,” pointing to It makes field sculptures with sustainable materials related to the history and heritage of the Kingdom.

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