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A Saudi prince comments on a tweet about “Qatar’s support for British MPs with the aim of attacking Riyadh”

Saudi Prince, Abdul Rahman bin Musaed

The Saudi Prince, Abdul Rahman bin Musaed, commented on reports about two British MPs who used their offices in the Council to attend a paid non-parliamentary meeting to discuss the file of political prisoners in Saudi Arabia.

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Britain .. a tendency to approve a proposal to prevent MPs from occupying additional jobs during their tenure

Abdul Rahman bin Mosaed re-published a tweet written by the “Christoph Files” account, in which he said: “News circulating: Qatar provided support to MPs in the British House of Commons to attack Saudi Arabia… Comment and read:

– This news is old before the Al-Ula agreement.

– There is no point in harming Gulf reconciliation in light of the Gulf countries’ preoccupation with what is most important, which is rearranging papers and priorities for the benefit of the region’s countries and peoples.

Prince Abdul Rahman bin Musaed commented on the “Christoph files” tweet, saying:

“Worths are in order and I agree with him, although countries with hostile tendencies to the kingdom (not Arab) still practice the same method with media professionals and politicians in Europe and America by pushing these mercenaries to attack the kingdom.”

The British press had indicated in several reports that Liberal Democrat MP Leila Moran and Conservative MP Crispin Blunt admitted to using their offices in the House of Commons to attend a paid non-parliamentary meeting, as at an event organized by the law firm “Bindmans LLP” in November Last, the two representatives appeared via a video link on a panel discussing the file of political prisoners in Saudi Arabia.

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According to the newspaper “politics”, Leila Moran received £ 3,000 for the appearance, and Crispin Blunt received £ 6,000, according to the Register of Parliament’s financial interests.

Moran, the MP for Oxford West and Abingdon, has since apologized, saying she “deeply regrets” the meeting.

Blunt, the MP for Regat, said MPs were undergoing a “ridiculous feeding frenzy” and that he had not thought that using a chamber in Parliament at no cost to taxpayers would be a problem.

While politicians are allowed to take second jobs outside Westminster, the work they do has been in the spotlight since Conservative MP Owen Patterson resigned. It was determined that Patterson had violated the lobbying rules when she was working as a consultant.

Source: “RT +” politics