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A Saudi prince on the coalition video on “Hezbollah’s involvement in Yemen”: puts the Lebanese government in the position of the accused

Saudi Prince Sattam bin Khalid Al Saud

The Saudi Prince, Sattam bin Khaled Al Saud, commented on video clips recently reviewed by the Arab coalition and said that they “confirm the Lebanese Hezbollah’s involvement in Yemen,” and accused the Lebanese government of providing cover for this party.

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Alliance presents a video of

And on his Twitter account, Prince Sattam bin Khaled re-published a clip of the video, commenting: “What was revealed by Colonel Turki Al-Maliki (spokesman for the Arab coalition) of important information that places those countries and organizations, which demanded not to liberate (the port) of Hodeidah. Under the pretext of civilians, in an embarrassing situation, because it is the main outlet for terrorists to enter and smuggle weapons that are used to kill civilians in Saudi Arabia and Yemen, so where are they now, you will certainly not hear from them.”

The Saudi prince added: “The participation of Hezbollah elements in Yemen puts the Lebanese government in the position of the accused, because it provides the political cover for this party participating in it. Iran’s agendas without any national dimension or values.”

Source: RT

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