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A scientific study reveals a drink that accelerates aging

the health

Sweetened soft drinks and diseases of aging – graphic image

A study conducted by scientists at the University of California, San Francisco and published in the Journal of the American Public Health Association, revealed a link between sweetened soft drinks and premature aging.

The scientists analyzed data on the well-being of 5,309 people aged 20-65, which was obtained in 1999-2002 as part of the National Health and Nutrition Survey.

It turned out that “in people who drink sweetened soft drinks more often, telomeres are shorter (parts of DNA associated with increased risk of chronic disease and reduced life expectancy), at the same time, those who drink fresh juice regularly have long telomeres.” .

One of the participants in the work, Professor of Psychiatry Elisa Ebel, explained that “sweetened soft drinks not only increase the risk of disease, but also shorten life, and that this association was revealed for the first time.”

“This rule is true regardless of age, race, income and educational level, and telomere shortening begins long before the onset of the disease,” she said.

“Although only adults participated in the study, the results could be extended to children,” she noted.

Source: “Novosti”

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